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Fact: MVC sucks in every possible way

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Don't let anybody tell you I am not a party animal...

I personally like G+'s real name policy...

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This is a good idea...
We should be solving more of our political problems with Computer Science. Here's one proposal for preventing gerrymandering through the use of a simple algorithm that splits districts fairly using data from the US Census.

The proposal isn't perfect, but it does guarantee that political preference on the part of those in power does not become a factor when re-drawing lines.

It's unlikely to gain too much political favor since we're asking the very same gatekeepers for an honest evaluation of congressional redistricting; but it's still better to note what's wrong and make a proposal than it is to pretend nothing is wrong with our election system. Dealing with gerrymandering is only the tip of the iceberg concerning our rigged election system though.

Checking compiled assets into source control makes me feel dirty...

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Stories like this should make you think really hard about the actual effect of business tax cuts...

Dammit, Google. I don't want to chat with anyone in Google+. I already have a chat client. Hell, it's Google Chat, you should know.

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