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Paulissa Kipp (RebelOne)
Paulissa Kipp's Art of Becoming - ​ Guiding individuals to hope after abuse through art, creative expression, lived experience and specialized training in trauma-informed approaches.
Paulissa Kipp's Art of Becoming - ​ Guiding individuals to hope after abuse through art, creative expression, lived experience and specialized training in trauma-informed approaches.


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Newly minted. Beryl's Dream 12 x 12" Acrylics, fabric, paint pen. FOR SALE

#art #mixedmedia #interiordesign #floral #color #expressyourself #painting #myart #artofbecoming

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Hot off the easel

Until All Lives TRULY Matter

24 x24" Mixed media canvas. Collage, acrylic, altered tags, deconstructed coin belt. The chains on the far right have been left open for viewers to add their own thoughts to the piece.

The aliens in the bubbles represented the insulated bubble of ignorance, fear and bias.

Each tag represents a marginalized group and contains facts and the realities that face those groups.

I created this piece as a way to channel my anger and heartbreak at the injustices that are occuring in the United States and the ways in which those who are impacted or those who advocate for human rights are invalidated with platitudes.

Don’t tell me that ALL lives matter until they truly do. Don’t tell me that until LGBT lives matter, homeless lives matter, veteran lives matter, poor lives matter, those with mental health challenges lives matter, women’s lives matter, the lives of people of color, refugee lives matter, and Muslims matter. Until then,sit down and shut up with all lives matter. Until it is evident and people are not dying by virtue of their position in life, the color of their skin, their sexuality or gender, save it for when it is really true.

Should ALL lives matter? Absolutely! But they don’t currently in a myriad of ways. So use your voice to get into the trenches, meet someone who is different from you and learn from them about their unique challenges and work to solve problems rather than armchair quarterbacking.

Until ALL lives matter is true, spare me the f@!#ing platitudes. They are meaningless.
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Love, love and love that wig. This year was my 1st forway into Lifebook but definitely not my last #lifebook2017  

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Life book is an amazing way to explore your creativity. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Life Book 2017 Blog Hop & Give Away!
Life Book 2017 Blog Hop & Give Away!

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Possible trigger for those with lived experience: near death experience

Perhaps it is my processing of having a 2nd (3rd?) chance at life or the culmination of the weekend's events and resultant heartbreak, but my heart is very tender and my mind is very raw.

I have been asked to share what it is like to have a near-death experience. I will do my best to articulate my thoughts as I continue to process what happened. For those who are unaware, I suffered a severe allergic reaction to hornet stings Friday afternoon. Shortly after being stung, my wrist swelled to 4Xs its normal size, turned bright red and I could feel nothing in my hand. My airway swelled and I couldn't breathe so off I went to the ER. While in the ER, my heart stopped twice. I was given epis and CPR and was brought back twice.

While I recall being scared about not being able to breathe, thoughts of death didn't enter my mind at that time. My last conscious thought was having the oxygen mask over my face. My next experience was watching the action in the room as an observer: I could see and hear everything but was not in those moments, a participant.

On either side of me was a female spirit guide: On my left, a Native American woman with the most piercing yellow eyes and a Medicine Wheel in shells upon her chest, rainbows emanating from her hands. Her every movement was a drumbeat, beating for my heart.

On my right, a Celtic greenwoman with a face of aged copper - teal and copper, with a glint of gold amongst the oak leaves covering her face. Each word she spoke was spoken on a sandalwood and gardenia breeze.

As we ascended an indigo and amethyst mountain, they advised me to "Carry Only Love. You go from love into love. May love carry you and show you the way". These words repeated with every step until I found myself mouthing the words as I returned to my body and life. I saw my transformation and it was peaceful.

As I process my return to this world and its beauty and its flaws, it is not lost upon me that I nearly died. That my work here is not done and that my mission is to continue to foster humanity with love - to carry only love, even in the face of evil or perhaps more accurately, especially in the face of evil.

For what is life if we do not show up for joy in our messy magnificence and share love with one another?

So I am here, I am grateful and I am still processing but this I know: Love is present and that is what is right with me. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and offered love, prayers and meals. It means more than mere words can adequately express.

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Sooooooo Wha have I been up to lately? Let's see: Teaching 2 art journaling classes per week, doing peer support for trauma at the State Regional mental health center, speaking at the Statewide Mental Health Conference (Nebraska), making art, doing shows and applying for ArtistINC.

I formed an LLC in June 2015, Paulissa Kipp's Art of Becoming. Art of Becoming offers peer support services - evidence based mutual learning - to deal with trauma, challenging circumstances and mental health challenges. We do this in a trauma-informed fashion and a safe space, either one-on-one or through phone consultations. Paulissa Kipp is a certified peer specialist with lived experience in abuse and mental health challenges. She is trained is Mental Health 1st Aid, Whole Health Action Management, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping and advocacy.

Here are a few photos from the recent happenings.
Showing Up For Joy
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The joys of today:  Crisp fall air, a homecoming parade for the local HS and a hayrack ride and bonfire tonight.  Living life to the fullest!  There will be photos coming!

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Very surreal and amazing to see my business, Paulissa Kipp's Art of Becoming, listed in Magellan of Nebraska's Peer Support e-guide listed of Statewide Peer Support providers for Region 6 (Omaha). This has been such a journey to make sense of the lived experience, grow and help others. What an a great feeling the day before Thank A Peer Support Specialist Day! ‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎thankapeersupportspecialist‬
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