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Why Freud May Have the Answer to Defeating Trump
I was asked to speak a few weeks ago to a group of older citizens in a retirement home in Toronto about the rise of "fake news." It was an interesting afternoon and lively too, as the residents asked great questions and wondered with me, what had happened t...

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Wise Words for the Newsroom (especially Radio and especially these days)
This is from a friend and wise colleague from my NPR days - Jonathan Kern.  Posted here with permission. I
recently found a 10-year-old email I wrote to the producer of All
Things Considered, who had solicited some management advice. (I had
been the Sup...

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What Was In the Macron Emails? (Some) Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Emmanuel Macron According to Reuters, the French government successfully kept a computer hack of frontrunner - now President-elect
Emmanuel Macron's campaign emails from influencing the outcome of the
presidential election.  Curiously enough, there is an ...

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Should Academics Stay in the Ivory Tower?
Professor Eric Montpetit in his Globe and Mail op-ed of
March 30 (“After Potter…”) made an assertion that as “universities seek to
increase their presence in the media,…doing so comes with a risk as McGill
found out last week.” He was referring to an articl...

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Can Digital Culture Be Ethical? Some Positive Signs
I was invited to speak to a group of Ontario elected officials and civil servants about the future of reliable information in the environment of "fake news." On the panel with me were two very thoughtful digerati: Buzzfeed's Craig Silverman

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Why Allegations of "Fake News" are Strangely Comforting
Much anxiety these days among mainstream media journalists about the proliferation of so-called "fake news." The concept has been around for a while, but seemed to gain more traction during the recent US presidential election. As defined, "fake news" is a d...

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The Connection from Comet Ping Pong to Buzzfeed
On Sunday December 4th, Edwin Welch drove to Washington DC from his home in North Carolina with a rifle. He had read a story on the Internet that a pizza parlour was the center of a child pornography ring being run by Hilary Clinton and her campaign manager...

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Is There an Ethical Way to Fund Public Broadcasting in Canada?
                                                             (The Toronto Star) With a new year almost upon us, there seems to be nervousness in the land among people who care about this issue. As the federal government and the regulator are looking at what...

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Polling and the Decline of Serious Political Journalism
I’m not being entirely facetious when I say that I blame the media. Rust belt industries aren’t the only enterprises that have been hollowed out by free trade;  so has North American journalism. The respective causes are only marginally different. While our...
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