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Some very good reminders from Mint's project leader:

"This isn’t something orchestrated by Canonical against Mint like I’ve seen some people say in the comments."

"It’s not even about what was said, it’s about what’s being sold to readers as the next big controversy."

There are people for whom this controversy has become their spectator sport, all they want is to see blood and they don't care who or what gets hurt in the process. To that end they will hype and push any possible controversy, and paint it in the worst possible light, just to turn it into a fight.

Please, if you value any of these open source projects, don't let yourself become one of them.

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Some statement to some press releases today ... and people putting words into my mouth ...

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New podcast episode!  Discusses the state of the community and how we really don't have at the moment overarching directives from above...whatever that to where we focus our energies.

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This is a must watch event for LoCo members
Added to the schedule for Nov 6: Thomas Perl - gPodder (  (I wonder what his favorite scripting language is... {grin})

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As sent over e-mail:

Greetings Ubuntu Ohio!

I have Ohio Linux Fest 2013 up on the LoCo portal as an event here:

The register link on the page will take you to the registration page on OLF's site to register for the entire event if you have not already done so.  If the address is correct in the portal you can also get the portal to spit out instructions on how to get to the convention center.  A map showing generally where the convention center is located is also shown.

If you register for OLF I would appreciate it if you would please leave a comment on the LoCo portal page so I can get an idea of who is coming and who isn't.  Your Launchpad login credentials are what you need for logging into the LoCo portal.

I look forward to seeing everybody possible at OLF.  A big goal is that I want to get as many team members together for a picture or two to post for a team health check.  Yes folks, we are earnestly reaching for Verified status under the new regime announced here:

Have a beautiful Wednesday wherever you are...

Stephen Michael Kellat
Point of Contact/Leader, Ubuntu Ohio

P.S. Please do not forget to listen to the most recent episode of the Burning Circle:

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Verily, verily this needs your support and assistance.  Chime in with results so that this can be as thoroughly tested on as wide a range of hardware profiles as possible.
In a few weeks the Xubuntu team will make the final decision whether to stick with X.Org for the 13.10 or follow Ubuntu with the launch of XMir.

In order to make an informed decision, we need more testers of XMir! See the following post to learn how you can test Xubuntu 13.10 with XMir and report your results.

Note: This test will not work effectively on a virtual machine, it must be installed on actual hardware.
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