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How can I downgrade a sslsocket() to socket()?Any idea or info is great help and appreciative!

For systemd,switch from Funtoo to Gentoo done! get the portage tree , link the profile ,re install portage an update the world .Bu need suffering the slow sync!!!

bad systemd-206 dependence : no kmod-14-r1 in the portage tree util now.

which optimize level (-On) gcc or clang will ignore "if(0)" ? I use "if(0)" for debug purpose. Any info or link is great appreciated!

Why NTFS read is so slow? Using the kernel NTFS driver and togging on the write attribute, on my 7200rpm/s drive it's only 1.1M/s copy from NTFS partition,more fucking thing is it's exhaust all my i5 CPU ! Maybe my .config has some problem or it's a bug or something else ? Any info is appreciated an welcome!

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class Foo;
Foo foo1 = new Foo;
Foo foo2 = new Foo();
// what's difference between foo1 and // foo2 ? I chose foo1.

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How can I call back java interface methods or abstract methods from c++ multithread method using JNI ?Any info or link is great help to me!

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