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Tara Carter
Trying to pursue my passions on my days off...
Trying to pursue my passions on my days off...


I see people huddled under the shelter outside the grocery store during the rain and all I want to do is say:

Morpheus voice
What if I told you
rain won't hurt you

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Siberian Lynx

by Tambako the Jaguar
via licensed under (CC BY-ND 2.0)

#caturdayeveryday #Nature    #Animals    #Wildlife    #WildlifePhotography    #Africa #Zoo    #Cat    #BigCats   #Cute    #Lynx

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Trying this tonight. I was saving my carrot tops in the hopes I could do something useful with them. I have read that herbal bitters are very good for the body, yet are sorely lacking in the Western diet because they are, well... bitter.

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The power flickered at work, followed by a communal "Ooooohhhhhaaaaa" noise.

LOL... so re: my last post
I visit my profile and Google+ asks me

Complete your profile - Where did you go to school? Help your classmates find you on Google+

Isn't this what I was just annoyed about with Facebook? XD

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That's officially my last straw with Facebook.
I realized on a fundamental level that the people who read and comment on my posts are 90% "historical" friends and acquaintances from days long gone, and who really don't sync with the "me" of now.
So to hell with it. I have deleted the Facebook app from my phone. My profile will remain because I must manage pages and as a means of private messaging communication with certain individuals.
On the a whole, however, I am done. Time to start over on Google+, which I prefer simply because they are a good company and Facebook is so obviously going to the Dark Side (with no cookies!).

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