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Origins Tea: Four Seasons Oolong, A Tea Review
It is quite cold today, after a period of warmth waking up (having left the windows open, of course) to a shocking blast of chilly air and snow flurries was a surprise. Thankfully my heated blanket is dry, so the cold is not a bother. Today I am looking at ...

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Amanda “TeaNecromancer” Freeman commented on a post on Blogger.
I honestly think that even if I didn't like this tea I would get the whisk because it is so cool looking.

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Yunomi: Furyu Batabatacha, Rare Bancha Tea, A Tea Review
Today feels more like what I expect the end of February to feel like, cloudy and chilly with a feeling of impending drizzle that never quite delivers. Yesterday it was in the 70s, so I decided to hand-wash my heated blanket...I embarrassingly admit to nee...

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What-Cha: Taiwan 'Jin Xuan' Jasmine Oolong Tea, A Tea Review
Sooo, spoilers and previews for Amonkhet have started, and I am far more excited than I have any right to be. Yes, I am excited for the mummies, Bolas, Egypt, and all that good stuff...but the thing that made me literally squeal like a happy parakeet...Lili...

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Nepal Tea: Silver Yeti, A Tea Review
The origami bug has bitten, and my fingers are getting back into practice folding. Every time I take a break from some craft that requires the use of my hands, it is a strange sensation to refamiliarize yourself with a once well-known set of movements. Tiny...

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Tillerman Tea: Wenshan Bao Zhong Winter 2016, A Tea Review
You know, if someone magically had the power to shoehorn me into eating one type of cuisine for the rest of my life, and that cuisine was Middle Eastern, I would be perfectly happy. That whole region has some of the best food...and this is from the person w...

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Origins Tea: Rose Oolong, A Tea Review
It seems as though it is already spring time, all week the weather has been warm and sunny, and my yard is full of crocuses! Granted the early spring brings sadness, because with warm weather comes aloof cats. Neither of my cats want to snuggle with me any ...

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Quantitea: Gyokuro From Uji-Tawara, A Tea Review
Hey, guess what, Minecraft drama! I had just finished building one of my new bases in my new world and crash, and then crash again...and again. Looked at the info and from what I could glean from searching it is an error with my graphic card. Now, I hate to...

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Tea In The City: Rosebay Willowherb, A Tea Review
Happy day after Valentine's Day everyone, I spent the day of and day before hanging with Ben, like one does with their sweetheart. On the moments between mutual geeking, I was working on modifying a modpack, since I kept running into the problem of a really...

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Origins Tea: Taiwan Assam Black Tea, A Tea Review
It is a beautiful day today, bright and sunny with a pleasant breeze and perfect mid-60s temperature! I have my windows open and have a serious case of restlessness since it feels as though spring is on the way. I am, of course, expressing my restlessness b...
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