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Finding a winning way forward on CMS’s proposals to restructure physician payment
Last month, I wrote about CMS’s “historic” proposals to change how physicians would be paid for
their office visits and the documentation that would be required of them.   I noted then that while ACP expressed strong support for the
push to reduce the docum...
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Physician activism as an antidote to burnout
The growing number of physicians evidencing symptoms of
burnout has many causes.  Yet one element
stands out, according to research: a perceived loss of control over their time, working conditions, and other stress contributors.   ACP
has launched a Physici...
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Are doctors ready to embrace single payer health care?
Single payer health care is enjoying a boomlet in public
opinion.   A Pew
Research Center poll released in June 2017 found that, “Overall, 33 percent
of the public now favors such a ‘single payer’ approach to health insurance, up
5 percentage points since J...
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What did ACP advocacy achieve in a year of unparalleled challenge?
2017 was the most challenging year
that I have experienced in my 38 years of advocating for internists. To put things in perspective, I
joined the governmental affairs staff of the American Society of Internal
Medicine in January 1979, during the presidency...
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Warning: Congress’ tax reform bill is bad for your health
If legislation harmful to health was required to carry a
Surgeon’s General warning like tobacco, the tax bill being voted on today by
the Senate would surely qualify.   It will
harm health care for many millions of Americans, leading to more uninsured
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Before Patients Over Paperwork, there was Patients Before Paperwork
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) new
initiative to reduce the paperwork burden on doctors and patients, deemed Patients Over Paperwork , is remarkably similar to ACP’s campaign , called Patients Before Paperwork , to
accomplish the same...
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Doctors Defending Dreamers
Why should physicians care about President Trump’s decision
to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program? Because it brings “great harm” to health care, to medical
education, and to the country, said
the American College of Physicians in...
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Heartless and Harmful
President Trump told a group of Republican Senators that the House-based American Health Care Act is
“mean”—and on this he surely called it right! How else would one describe a
bill that would take health insurance away from 23 million people, allow states
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Now, it’s the “Undeserving Sick” who don’t deserve health care
It’s been a long-held truism among conservatives that many
of those who live in poverty in the United States are undeserving of help,
because, well, it’s their own fault.  If
they lived more virtuous lifestyles, studied and worked harder, and of course
got ...
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How to make a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bill even worse
It’s BACK—the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bill to
repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Last month, I
blogged about how the bill, called the American Health Care Act, was the
worst legislation for health care of any that I have seen i...
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