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York General LLC Storage tank fabrication facility is a fully equipped plate and structural steel shop that has provided engineering and fabrication services.

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York mainly engaged in the business of Mechanical construction activities for Fabrication & Installation of plants like Power Station, Desalination, Refineries, Sewerage, Oil & Gas etc., including blasting and Painting, maintenance and Revamp jobs. The company is headed by Professionals having vast experience in the industrial sector.

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#Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure. Development varies from assembling in that assembling commonly includes large-scale manufacturing of comparable things without an assigned buyer, while development regularly happens in an area for a known customer.
#Construction as an industry comprises six to nine percent of the gross domestic product of developed countries. Civil Construction starts with planning, design, and financing; it continues until the project is built and ready for use.
In #UAE, #Musaffah and in #Abu_Dhabi the #YorkGeneralContractin LLC company is the most leading Industrial Civil contracting company. We are Established in 2006 as an Electro-Mechanical Contracting Establishment. We have fully fledged workforce with a collective experienced more than 100 years.

York will do all type of minor building works likes
• Industrial foundations and relevant civil works
• All kinds of civil construction and maintenance work..
• Building constructions, Pre-cast boundary walls, Fencing etc.
• Concrete cutting and modification work.

York General Contracting LLC is committed to safety that in any job, big or small, safety is considered first or “safety first”. It is the company’s main concern to preserve maintains the safety of every craftsman, properties and valuable assets. In the same manner, the company is also committed to preserve and maintain the client’s properties, assets and the safety of every person.
Visit Us:

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York provides Structural steel fabrication and installation for construction industry. All kinds of structural such as beams, channels, plates can be fabricated and erected.

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York General LLC is a demanding and leading Thermo well-manufacturing company in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. Our facilities include all kinds of tools, equipment, and machinery of the latest technologies available to carry out the specialized nature of our business.

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