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Brian Meeks
I like to tell a story.
I like to tell a story.

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Do you want to start an Author Revolution?

I've got a plan.

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I made a collage of most of my books.

Since 2010 I've been working really hard on this business. It's been fun.

I love being a full-time author.

Keyword: Amazon Marketing Service Credit Letters.

This is a post to help people understand what the letter (email) they may have gotten from Amazon means.

It likely arrived via email in the last couple of hours.

It explains that for authors running Product Display - Interest ads, they have found that the reporting of the Est. Sales was inaccurate.

This impacted the ACoS number, too.

It does NOT mean they've been overcharging anyone for clicks.

I'm hoping to stop the conspiracy theories right away.

The credit you've received is based upon how much PD - I advertising you've done.

I've seen the credits range from $5.00 - $7,500.

It simply means that if you have this credit on your account, and you continue to generate spend through AMS, that they will take from the credit first.

If you've got some credit be happy.

That is all.

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I loved this story. I don't know anything about mountain climbing but this definitely made me want to give it a try someday.

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My beta team helped me title my new book on Amazon Ads. Now, I need The Crowd to help with choosing the cover.

All comments are welcome.



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Book Release Day!

Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Are you curious how one manages to make a living from their books?

My author buddy +Honoree Corder and I have written another book to help you with the business of being an authorpreneur.

Give the reviews a read. I think you'll find it's just the book you need.

And the cover is PURPLE!

I'm finishing up a book on Amazon Ads. I would like help with two things:

1) Naming the book
2) The Description, which is below.

Title Ideas (Feel Free to Ad your own)

Amazon Ads Supercharged
Amazon Ads for Authors
Amazon Ads your Way to 100K

Description: (first draft)

Do you have questions about your Amazon Kindle Ads?

1. Why aren’t my ads generating any impressions?
2. How long does it take for an ad to get traction?
3. Why did my ads stop producing impressions?
4. How many impressions am I getting per day?
5. How many clicks am I getting per day?
6. What should I bid?
7. Which type of ad should I run?
8. What is my daily spend?
• by ad?
• by book?
• by series?

Do you want to learn more about your books?

1. How do I know if my description is of high quality?
2. How do I calculate my book’s conversion rate?
3. How do I calculate my Return-on-Investment?
4. How do I determine my read-thru on a series from book to book?
5. Am I moving in the right direction?


These are the most common questions I’ve run across. Amazon Ads Supercharged and the free downloadable Excel tool, are designed to answer those questions and help you improve your sales.

Are you ready to sell some books?

Thanks for your help.

If anyone is interested in beta reading/ARC when it's ready, which will be VERY soon, as I'm just finishing up the design of the Excel Tool and need to test it on Apple computers, just let me know in the comments.

I have a question that will help me with a chapter I'm working on for a book about Amazon ads.

The following question is designed to gauge perception, NOT an attempt to find out an answer. I have lots of data and know the answer. I'm curious what most people believe is the truth, so please don't give a detailed response explaining why one choice or the other is true, as that comment may alter future respondents response.

Question: There are two books (same genre) that had four successive days of identical sales (1,10,50,10), and let's assume that each book has only been available for four days.

Book A is priced at $0.99
Book B is priced at $4.99

Will they have nearly identical Amazon rankings over those four days? Please respond (Yes or No, though I'll also accept Oui ou Non...because I've been on a huge French Foreign film watching kick of late.

Like I said, please don't explain your answer so as not to alter other people's response.

Thanks for helping me with this research.
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