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Manuscript finished!!!

Sixteen pages left to edit. I will attest to the fact that 80% of the work takes 20% of the time, and 20% of the work takes 80% of the time, lol!

Made trail mix for my kids with Special Dark chocolate chips, popcorn, peanuts, and raisins. Made trail mix for myself with Special Dark chocolate chips and...well, Special Dark chocolate chips. :)

Two chapters left to edit...

Five chapters left to edit...

After multiple technological setbacks, Chapters 1-5 are finally ready to go out the door! :)

It's finally getting that sentence to say exactly what you've been trying to get it to say. :)

Amazing how good music can make you feel great, isn't it?  :)

In his curiosity, my kid did something to the garage door that locked it closed. But in working with the hardware, I was able to fix it and get it to open! Go girl power! 

In the mood to go dancing. Too bad there's not a club for parents that's rocking at, like, 7 p.m.
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