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+Rebecca Johnson , from /r/Eyebleach.

It looks like I'm going to have to abandon this account if I want to change my primary email. With the changes to G+ (not being able to see my circles on mobile, mostly), this is an enormous pain in my ass.

If the actual stock market worked like the Neopets stock market, I'd be so rich.

Anyone have resources for specifically French clothing from the early 13th century, specifically around the twelve-teens?

I'm seeing chausses, braies, tunic, which is relatively generic, which is fine, but also generic enough that if there's something specific, I'd be happier than something that says "in these 300 years..." Going to start in on manuscripts because it seems more profitable at this point. Generic is fine, but I'd like to nail down what I can l, even if it's common color palettes, kind of like Anglo-Norman heraldry is cool, but purple and green Anglo-Norman is still a bit strange.

Was just reminded about my Christmas card post on FB. Apparently my mother thought it was rude and that family may not send me any cards in the future.

I'm not sure how "here are our preferred names, fyi, pleasure use them in the future" is rude, but I guess next time I may as well add "if you cant even use our proper legal names, let alone our preferred ones, please fuck off and don't bother."

Alana isn't Mrs. Lamar, or Mrs. Michael Lamar and soon enough I won't be Michael Lamar. I understand that my mom and the rest are going to call me Michael and it honestly doesn't bother me, but it's one thing to have a 30 year head start and another thing entirely to not only blatantly ignore our wishes but to try to shame me for even bringing it up.

Sometimes I can't tell whether it's Asperger's or bullshit when it comes to social convention, but I'm definitely leaning bullshit this time.

Our Smart car alerts us when we need maintenance. Helpfully, it started counting down a month in advance. Unhelpfully, it was set at the factory and not when they looked it over and sold it, so it is woefully incorrect. It can be reset, though.

Hilariously, though, someone didn't think to program any data checks on it, it's literally just the number of days since last maintenance, if 30 days from a year, start countdown. Basically a readout that says "You're due for service in (365 - days_since)." At this point, it says -55. I'm curious to see how it reacts to a three digit number. Will it glitch out on us? Will it simply lose a character on the right side? Will it fit part of the number? I'm assuming at this point in tech it won't overflow the datatype and crash our car, but with embedded software, they might have skimped on memory. Maybe it will just roll over back to 0 eventually.

I've gotten my website to populate the map with the locations of all the kills in a game of LoL. Floating divs is not the best solution, but I'll take it for now. On to attaching comments, then on to seeing if I can get it to work with currently active games. Because being able to annotate all of my successes and mistakes (more so mistakes, because I can type while I'm dead) will be helpful.

And, of course, CSS shenanigans. Because CSS shenanigans never end.

Website is starting to come together despite not knowing what I'm doing. Yay hands on learning!

I really wish people would stop talking about the Apple encryption decision if they have no idea how encryption works. Anytime someone compares it to a lock, or a filing cabinet, or your house, or anything that's not literally encryption algorithms, it just makes them look like an idiot.

You know, I can't even blame people that aren't into cryptography for not knowing how it works. But don't report on the story if you're not going to explain why it's important. "Apple doesn't want to" isn't the story and to make it out like this isn't an assumption that the government should have access in some way to everything is disingenuous. You can't get rid of encryption. It's math, deal with it.
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