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Agnes Schmíz
Addicted to makeup, fashion, styling, tattoos, music and caffeine.
Addicted to makeup, fashion, styling, tattoos, music and caffeine.

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Xmas makeup / Karácsonyi smink
I love Christmas and I always prepare everything in advance. I have the plan for the dinner, regarding the decoration or even for my makeup. I like dramatic looks (I'm sure you've noticed it... :D). This year the focus was on the eyes. Deep, rich colors, wi...

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Concealer dos and don'ts / Korrektor tedd és ne tedd
DOS: Apply the concealer around the area of your eyes. The purposes of it are to give your eyes a fresh appearance and to cover the dark circles. Tap the product with your fingertip. It will blend it perfectly into the skin. The concealer has to be few shad...

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Winter Makeup Wonderland / Téli Smink Csodaország
Christmas is coming and I'm so exited. I love the special atmosphere of this holiday. I decided to write a post about the makeup looks for Xmas because I've been thinking about my holiday makeup  for a while but I haven't decided, yet. :) Girls like to spar...

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Makeup tips and tricks / Smink tippek és trükkök
Here are some useful tips and tricks for the busy girls or for those who rarely wear makeup. It's a common beleif that makeup is always visible, unnatural, thick, etc. A lady only need three makeup products for a healthy, fresh looking face. Egy pár hasznos...

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Lip colors for Fall / Őszi szájszínek
I'm obsessed with dark lipsticks nowadays. The color can be purple, burgundy or dark red. Dark lips give you a fierce and aristocratic look at the same time. One of the best things in Autnum (besides the wonderful colors, great smells and Halloween) is that...

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Makeup / Smink: Kat Von D - Poetica True Romance Eyeshadow Palette
Since I love tattoos, I've always followed Kat Von D's career during the years. I think she is a very talented artist. When she introduced her makeup line at Sephora, I became very curious. Her products are available at Sephora stores and we don't have Seph...

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Am I a quiter, am I insane... or brave? / Folyton feladom, esetleg őrült vagyok... vagy bátor?
More than 6 months ago I started a new life. I made a tough decision. I left my job and gave a chance to do what I always wanted to do. Since I didn't want to be a self-taught makeup artist, I found a promising course with a great master and perfect conditi...

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Candy Yum-Yum
I'm a huge fan of pink lipsticks and yes, I bought the ultimate pink lipstick on the market. It has been on my wishlist for a while and I couldn't resist anymore. The color of Candy Yum-Yum from MAC is beautiful, intense and I'm sooo sad that my not-so-prof...

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Spring... Where R U? / Tavasz... Hol vagy?
Winter was enough for me... I'm sooo looking forward Spring! Már elég volt a télből... Annyira várom, hogy tavasz legyen! Pics/Képek: Pinterest

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Sentimental mood / Szentimentális hangulat
I'm not a big Valentine's day fan but this year somehow it inspired me as well. I collected a few tips and tricks for you to make Valentine's day a little bit special... Még sose vádoltak meg azzal, hogy rajonganék a Valentin-napért, de valamiért idén engem...
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