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The application process:
We tell prospective tenants that processing an application can take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. There are several things one can do to make the process as fast as possible

1) Make sure we have an application from EACH adult (18 or over) who will be living there whose income we are counting.
2) Make sure the applications are all COMPLETLY and ACCURATELY filled out
3) If you email the apps, make sure we get the signature/permission page for each adult.
4) If you are retired, self-employed, on disability, or anything else where we cannot verify income with an employer, then we will have to have proof of income to consider you for a rental.

If we have to email you or leave you messages about missing apps or info it can take considerable time. WE DON'T START processing the apps until we have ALL that we need.

Once we have everything we need and asked for we can usually process applications in less than a week.
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Payson is warm this Summer! We're near 90 degrees this June, still much cooler than the Phoenix area.
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Its been snowing steadily for several hours in Payson. Supposed to keep on through tomorrow, When the storm ends come on up and see the snow!
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Prest Realty handles both real estate sales and rentals. We have worked real estate in Payson for 20+ years, and we know both the sales and rental markets well. We sepcialize in helping investors find suitable properties, and are then able to provide excellent mangement service for the property.
Whether looking to buy, to rent out your property, or looking for a rental, Prest Realty is the choice to make.
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