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Petr Skoda
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It took a bit longer than I expected, but finally this is my first week working in the Moodle HQ in Perth. I love this city and especially the beaches nearby...

After 6 years of working remotely for Moodle HQ I am moving to Australia to work in HQ office in Perth. I hope it will be still a nice summer weather there in March...

Hmm, Ich möchte Deutsch sprechen lernen. Braucht jemand Hilfe mit Moodle Implementierung oder eine Konsultation?

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hmm, every time I start working on mod/book migration to new moodle 2.x api I end up cursing the missing file management in our html editor MDL-28019

how am I supposed to fix any file handling problems there when I can not even verify what files are already there? apparently only 5 people including myself care about this

if you want to use book module in moodle 2.x you should probably vote there to get this implemented, otherwise I will most probably rage quit again next time I find a bit of free time to work on book module...

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