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CREA International is glad to introduce the new retail design concept of Navigare: the first design & built project within retail signed "Il Prisma Group". 
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CREA Lab introduces the first edition of the #Food & #Beverage 2015
#Trend Vision
#serviceretaildesign   #CREALab   #creainternational
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Discover +Allianz new agency #servicedesignconcept  

Allianz Italy set a redesign process of the agencies with a design solution aimed to strengthen the brand leadership and to improve the shopping experience, through a brand new innovative model of service and the enhancement of the new visual identity. 

The Allianz agecy design cocnept is a stylish and modern environment, which promotes the relationship between Agent and customer.  The project breaks the standards of the traditional insurance service model, realizing a comfortable space designed to make the customer feel at ease with new counseling workstations, an important welcome area and a zone for fast operations.

The brand values of quality, clarity, modernity and elegance have been conveyed within space through a premium and fresh material palette: light and dark wood and steel give life to a welcoming atmosphere consistent with the professionalism of Allianz. The final result is a very bright and reassuring space, that communicates strength and confidence to the customer. 

#insurancemarketing   #insuranceagency   #allianzagency   #conceptinnovation   #physicalbranddesign  
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+Celly Channel  #Twitchmobilitymania   line: product design & human daily link with technology 

A series of infinite feelings, drawings, glances and shiny glares which are encompassed by Twitch product design line in four different shorts.

Have you ever felt like having butterflies in your tummy? 
Switch on the fourth mobility mania episode about a couple and their exchanging glances. 

" The feeling of making love to you're one. In your dream. In you dream. The feeling of acting on purpose I see how others react".

Twitch #productdesign  line: brand & product design at human mobility mania disposal.

#twitch   #branddesign   #physicalbranddesign  
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ChiantiBanca: the #restaurantexperiencebanking  concept.

Discover the full service design concept where Chiantishire local heritage meets cultural innovation process.

#retailbankingdesign   #conceptinnovation   #innovativeservicedesign   #chianti   #chiantibanca   #chiantishire  
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Chianti Banca new #innovativedesignbranch   opening of Poggibonsi right in the middle of #chiantishire  .

#retailbankingdesign   #conceptinnovation   #chianti  
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POGGIBONSI - Venerdì 14 giugno alle 17.30, ChiantiBanca Credito Cooperativo inaugura la nuova filiale di Poggibonsi, in via Fermi-angolo via Mameli.
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The Beauty Trend Vision 2015

Which are the major trends shaping the #Beauty  & #Cosmetic industry nowadays? Check the new issue by #CREALab
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#BNL‪  Europe Agency #Banking  Project

CREA International was asked to design a new banking format for the Europe agency network which is characterised by innovative contents and services, making BNL distinctive from other banks
#retailbankingdesign   #CREAInternational
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Allianz new #agencyservicedesignconcept  is born.

Allianz is leading a redesign process of the agencies with a design solution aimed to strengthen the brand leadership and to improve the shopping experience, through a brand new innovative model of service and the enhancement of the new visual identity.
The project which started back in the second half of 2012, carried out crucial development stages for the conception of project whose first agency was officially inaugurated in Milan around mid June.

Following a strategic analysis to understand the context using surveys in Italy, Germany and France and interviews with 63 agents in different countries, further meetings were carried out for the evaluation of creative drafts and to discuss about the new service model with the management and the Allianz Partner Agents Committee.

The project passed through a technical development stage, after the approval by the CEO George Sartorel and by the Allianz Partner Agents Committee in late 2012.

The new service design concept of Allianz agency caharacterized by a stylish and fresh environment, which promotes the relationship between Agent and customer.

#allianz   #servicedesignconcept   #physicalbranddesign   #conceptinnovation   #insurancemarketing  
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ChiantiBanca: the #restaurantexperiencebanking  

The new #retailbankingdesign   #strategy   #servicedesignconcept  where local heritage meets #customerinnovationprocess .

 The design concept is a clear metaphorical and projectual quote to the typical atmosphere of #Chiantishire   inns and their welcoming service.

The refined material choice which recalls the territory colour nuances, it enhances the concept welcoming spirit creating a pleasant atmosphere unlike the typical banking scenario.

The colour palette is characterized by wallnut and green pastel, whereas the dimmed lighting accents the rough finishings of flooring and gives birth to a pure Chiantishire like atmosphere within which clients are naturally overwhelmed by.

#conceptinnovation   #retailbankingdesign   #tuscany   #chiantibanca  
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The #restaurantbankingexperience  of Chianti Banca finally opened its doors of ite #innovativedesignbranch  in Duomo square in Florence. 

Tradition and modernity are harmonized to give birth to a cuttingedge #conceptinnovation   #servicedesignmodel   within  #retailbankingdesign .

CHIANTI FIORENTINO - Una nuova presenza nel cuore di Firenze. Mercoledì 19 giugno, alle 19.30, ChiantiBanca Credito Cooperativo inaugura la sua
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Chianti Banca: the #restaurantbankingexperience  will officially inaugurate the new #innovativedesignbranch  right opposite the Duomo cathedral in Florence.

Following the opening of the second branch of Poggibonsi in Chiantishire, the Banking Lounge Event will take place on 19th June during the  Pitti Uomo 84 international fashion week event on the new branch premises.

Stay tuned and RSVP...

#conceptinnovation   #retailbankingdesign   #chiantishire   #pittiimmagine2013   #innovativeservicedesign  
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Your values, our innovation
Crea International is an Italian design company working through the unique method of Physical Brand Design®: our strength lies in integrating our extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of strategically relevant and commercially successful brand experiences for our clients, by bringing the spirit and philosophy of the brand "to life" within the space, expressing its true soul.

We have developed this innovative design concept mainly in banking, telecommunications and in other different fields such as food, fashion and beauty and commercial center.

We define ourselves design storyteller for the unique ability to tell a story of the vision of the brand through the forms and the service oriented design, because we believe in the courage to innovate and create unique value for the brand. 

This is why we claim: "brand values, our innovation"!
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A tangle of roads, a set of metropolitan splits born by restyling of old industrial buildings: our Milan headquarter is right downtown, just a few hundread metres far from the Duomo cathedral square. A turmoiled world of art galleries, design showrooms, fashion ateliers and old established workshops and restaurants , offering interesting cultural and shopping activities.
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