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John McIntyre
Editor, writer, blogger, raconteur, would-be flaneur
Editor, writer, blogger, raconteur, would-be flaneur

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Overheard at the bar
I was having a quiet ale the other day when three young women at the bar were conducting an animated, and quite vocal, conversation.  Their high standards were in evidence in their quick and decisive evaluations of men on a dating site one had called up on ...

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Dark imaginings on the right
Curious attitudes keep surfacing on the right. Last week Carl Paladino got himself into hot water by making
remarks to an online publication. He said that he hopes President Obama
“catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Herford

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The late Mr. Saunders
We said goodbye to Saunders this morning. A trip to the veterinarian on Wednesday yielded this
information: He was suffering from a fever, he was seriously anemic, he had
feline leukemia, and the prognosis was not good. Kathleen and I made the painful decis...

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Time goes by
It was on October 23-25, 1997, that the American Copy Editors Society conducted its first national conference, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was there. These photos, which recently surfaced in a folder deep in a file cabinet, were fr...

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My bully is dead
Though I allowed my subscription to the Flemingsburg Gazette , the paper I worked for in high school and college, to lapse, I still occasionally check the Independent-Ledger  in Maysville. Given that I have been away for more than forty years, I mainly scan...

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As you make your plans for this weekend ...
please recall that The Old Editor plans to be at Ryan's Daughter in Belvedere Square around five o'clock Sunday afternoon for a pint or two of Smithwick's and conversation with any readers of the blog (or viewers of the videos) who care to show up.  Surely ...

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The Old Editor's thirst
It appears that I will be dangerously at loose ends a week from today, Sunday, October 2. If any of my readers fancy a pint with The Old Editor, I plan to be at Ryan's Daughter, 600 East Belvedere Avenue in Belvedere Square, around five o'clock. I will be t...

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Make sure your bright-eyed scholar is properly outfitted
With the imminent start of the school year, you have been supplying your young charges with all the kit they will need: a full spectrum of gel pens, notebooks full of inviting blank pages, dozens of apps for laptops, tablets, and iPads. And if your bright-e...

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Advice for an election year
From The Vanity of Dogmatizing  (1661) by the Rev. Joseph Glanvill: "They that have never peep't beyond the common belief in which their easier understandings were at first indoctrinated, are indubitabely assur'd of the Truth, and comparative excellence of ...

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Here comes the sun
This morning, after weeks of inquiry, estimates, inspections, construction, further inspections, paperwork, and appointments, Kathleen and I threw the switches to turn on the solar panels that Solar City has installed on our roof.  This afternoon, as the su...
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