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Seeking advice on post production tools for developing interactive multimedia journalism projects.  What tools are others using to create projects using video, stills, audio, text as well as interactivity?

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"What I find today is that everyone wants to become a fashion photographer because of the life it can give you, but not many people have something to say, and I find that a little bit sad..."

The Morning 

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This puts into words what I've felt the photographic profession has become

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UO-vs-Hawaii Womens Soccer
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Urban Yoga Photo shoot
Urban Yoga Concepts
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Having been a working photographer for over 25 years, I'm having an extremely difficult time wrapping my head around the new realm of marketing and promotion in my photo business.  My paying work has come to a standstill and I read conflicting information about what to use to market and promote what I do constantly and I figured I'd reach out to this community to try and see if I can get some solid solutions/advice in what to do to increase my paying gigs and why.

My background comes from photojournalism so my work is more editorial based, which has seen the pond dry up in that genre'.  So I've found that I do pretty well shooting editorial style portraiture and action type images of performing artists like dancers and singers (opera, jazz, etc)

Having said that, What advice, resources are there to market and promote what I do?  I'm literally at a standstill now and need some serious help.


Facebook is becoming more and more the proverbial thorn in my side.  How I wish +Google+ had the traction with potential customers that Facebook seems to have.  Anyone else feel the same way?  How does one bypass as +David Hobby has termed "the Patina" that is Facebook? +Corwin Hiebert is experimenting with a 4 week Facebook and Twitter Blackout - which has my curiosity peeked.

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