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Johnny 5 thinks curiosity is a hack. #mars   #nasa    #curiosity   #roversonmars  

Obama + Biden = Ob == Team OBgyn which is where you go when you want to get a baby ripped out of your body if you decided that you want to have sex without protection but don't want to have a baby. Let's get the team OBgyn meme going gang. #teamrollsroyce  :)

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Ok liberals you can shut up about Mitt Romney's mistake now: Barack Obama: The Next PRESIDENT Is Joe Biden! #MittRomney  

Had to remove +Tim O'Reilly from my circles. I thought he was a tech guy but I guess he is just a big lefty.

If you have intolerance for intolerance aren't you then intolerant?

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+Alexander Lee You just proved my point in that post. I at least acknowledge that I will accept some lifestyles and not accept others. Would you agree that it is ok to not accept certain lifestyles? If so then why get mad at those who draw the line elsewhere? Liberals do not accept christian lifestyles and therefore are bigots themselves. It's pretty simple and logical.

With all that said, I am in the middle on all of this stuff so take that for what it is worth. I just find it funny when bigots call other bigots bigots.

Lol, The Mexican president said we need more gun control. I think we can all agree that we should do the exact opposite if what Mexico says.

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