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Love Love Love: Sing It!
No matter how I feel about romantic love at any given time, there are those songs that make me wish they'd been written for or about me. (You know the ones…boom box held over head by boy standing in pouring rain?  Yes, those songs.) There are also the songs...

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Standing in the Eye
I've been listening to Brandi Carlisle's "The Eye" on repeat of late.  I get fixated on songs sometimes, finding they offer up mantras, messages, reminders…comfort in the repetition, for whatever reason.  She reminds me that "I am a sturdy soul, and there a...

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Walking (Kind of) Calmly into the Darkness
Slowly, but surely, the days are shortening at the rate of six minutes a day.  I have done the math;  It does not bode well for my sensitive psyche.  I recognize that from now until the winter solstice, I will be in constant search of coping mechanisms.  I'...

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Compression and Expansion
Rebecca Solnit, in The Faraway Nearby  writes:  "The bigness of the world is redemption.  Despair compresses you into a small  space and a depression is literally a hollow in the ground.  To dig deeper into the self, to go underground, is sometimes necessar...

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Picking and Choosing What to Leave Behind
I have no idea where the past month has gone.  I know I'm here, but I don't know where I've been. I moved into my house (which is slowly becoming home) a week and a half ago.   The lead up to it saw me inhabit  seven different spaces in three weeks.  [Maybe...

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The Edges of Understandings
I'm celebrating a month as an Alaskan this week.  It's been a sprint; it's been a wander; it's been exhaustion; it's been exhilaration; it's included moments of feeling stunned, and moments of feeling settled; it's been life. Those of you who know me well, ...

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Phenomenal Women Passing
Here’s how I process and here’s how I love.   I look for words.   I have been reading Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost for the
past couple of days.   She says, “Lost
really has two disparate meanings.   Losing things is about the familiar fall...

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Lessons and Observations from the First Few Days in AK
What I’ve learned in my first five days in AK: 1.      Daily views of glaciers can help your mind rest. 2.      Even when you’re exhausted, seeing an eagle
swoop down in front of you is something to take notice of. 3.      When the sun comes out, and it’s 6...

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The Art of Losing in This Wild World
Today I suddenly had a craving for some vintage Cat Stevens.  Listening to "Wild World" as I walked to meet a friend:   "If you want to leave, take good care.  I hope you meet a lot of nice friends out there... " I smiled because I have been so lucky; I cry...

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Through lines and Themes
I think about all of us stumbling through...looking for through-lines, for the theme that emerges in the patterns, while also trying to be attentive to where we are at any given moment.   As it is so often in literature, it is in life:  the theme emerges sl...
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