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If it weren’t for my naiveté, I’d never accomplish anything.
If it weren’t for my naiveté, I’d never accomplish anything.

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How do you value #data as an asset to your organization? 

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New post about #data specialization and contextualization.

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New post on defining your organizations values around data collection and use.

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New Blog Post: The Destruction of Private Data Markets

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Chicago's mini-me #kc


After a 5 year sabbatical from the BI space, I've found myself neck deep in it again. Much to my dismay, it seems not much has changed since I left it.

While the underlying technologies have evolved and the space clammers around about "Big Data" and "Data Science", the fundamental experience for a "business user" to: create, consume and share information is unimpressive. 

So, either +Jason Kolb and team Latigent were 7 years ahead of our time, or something is seriously amiss in the industry (or I'm missing something)...

Here's my assessment from the products I've seen:
* Chartio - decent product for charts and dashboards. Not user centric and lacks a lot of basic functionality. 
* Looker - WTF is up w/ "LookML"? 
* Good Data - sexy, but expensive. Administrative intensive and requires porting all of your data into their warehouse. 
* Clear Story - looks interesting but I haven't seen the demo/pricing yet. 
* YellowFin, Domo, etc. - all seem to fit into the same category as Good Data. General BI functions, expensive with nothing particularly impressive going on. 

It seems like these companies have raised millions of dollars to reinvent the same wheel we've had for a decade, except that they are replacing the front end technology and supporting NOSQL data sources. 

Someone please tell me this space has not turned into a snooze fest... What am I missing here?

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Some interesting data. #whotel   #austin   #fourseasons  

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Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha, and Chris Yeh have written an outstanding and important book called The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. I encourage you to get a copy right now and read it this weekend. If you are a CEO of a company Foundry…
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