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Do you really know how well your content is working?
Are you wasting your time?

Cannot figure out Google Analytics?

Have to say, +LevelTen Interactive's Intelligence plugin is simply amazing!

Even with our Google Analytics experience, this plugin is far more effective at helping us 'know what is and isn't working and providing REAL, usable information. We have it installed on several sites and it's simply incredible.

It's helping us accurately show advertisers on our Meet Your Community project ( how well the site will work for them.

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Looking to Leave Facebook For Good?

Facebook clearly wants its users to remain active. So much so, they have made deleting your account difficult. It cannot be done through the settings menu. The best that will get you is a deactivated account.

If you truly want to say goodbye to Facebook, here's the link:

Before you delete your account, you may want to download a copy of your information from Facebook (once it's gone, it's gone!):

* Click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page
* Select "Settings"
* Click on the link at the bottom of the main menu that says
* “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

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Will You Marry Me?

Do you want your blog articles to show in SERPs?

I know. Stupid question.

Like you asking for marriage, getting ranked in Google means you're going to need that engagement.

Great, onsite optimized, well written, authoritative content is the cornerstone of SEO. You must be credible, you must provide value. You must provide answers people are seeking.

It's a must if you want to rank in searches. And it's not always enough.

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Facebook No Longer Allows Custom Link Previews

This is a big deal! IF your Open Graph data is not properly configured and your content shared, it will look less than professional.

Given much of this data can affect SERPs, not just social sharing, make sure it's correct. We'd highly recommend adding +Yoast and +Social Warfare to your WordPress site.

Plenty of great details in this article:

#Facebook #tsomedia

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Stop Automating Your Social Media Marketing
at least limit it!

Content has little value, no matter how epic, if it isn't read. Content may be the reason someone finds your brand. YOU are why they will choose to do business. So, post less (in real time means you are actually showing up and not phoning it in. Connect with people. Build relationships. Be social!!

Do that well and:

You'll actually drive more people to your content.
You'll create opportunities you never could have seen.
You'll have more fun (less stress)
You'll find more content to post (a huge stress factor for many)
You'll actually see real results.

via +agorapulse

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Comments as Content

We get so caught up in the idea that content is what we post to our own social pages and profiles we forget that EVERYTHING we post is a form of content.

Every comment you make across social properties has the ability to show your authority, create visibility, make or break your reputation, build a relationship....

1. Watch what you say and how you say it.
2. As your brand's identity you need to make an effort to comment on a regular basis.

The added power of comments as content - your content is posted on someone else's page or profile. Rather than speaking with your audience, you are gaining access to someone else's!


H/T +Blue Steele Solutions
Your Comments Are Content, Just Like a Blog Post, and They Need to Be Well Thought Out
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Still think post views matter?

In the event you still believe getting reach or your posts seen in feeds matters... they don't!

Reach down by 31%
Engagement up by 153%

Why? The RIGHT people are seeing the content. How are they getting to it?
Not by seeing it in their news feed.... but through driving page views.

Social networking, making yourself visible and accessible. Comments as content, creating the desire to learn more about YOU!

Genuine, authentic, helpful.... people will want to know more.
They will track back to you.
They will see your content.

Drive the traffic through social behavior, not by broadcasting the media.

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Great article on networking

But what if instead of in person groups, the article was about communities here or groups on Facebook and LinkedIn?

What if you started to use social media as social networking tool rather than a broadcasting one?

What if you started building relationships and connecting rather than promoting? (

I approach, and have approached, social media in this way for a decade. No algorithm shifts, no changes to how pages and profiles look or feel and no changes to who else is in the space withe me has affected my results.

In fact, the web traffic I see, the improvement in my Domain Authority, the increase in subscribers to my email list - all keeps growing. There is power in relationships.

Are you leveraging one of the best things social media offers? The ability to network global or are you stuck in the content first mentality?

Excellent article by +Alan Shimamoto

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Are you leveraging the power of print marketing?
Print can support your online efforts.

Several publications back, Lind Pest Control ran two ads in the Community Shopper Magazine +Community Shopper Magazine. The first was a larger ad placed near the front of the publication. The ad included a trivia question with a note that the answer could be found in a second ad later in the publication. I love the idea. The second one would be seen. Most people cannot resist finding the answer to see if they were correct. Perfect for leveraging the readership.

What if Lind Pest Control changed that ad? What if rather than looking for the answer in a second ad, they had readers to guess the answer and post it as a comment on a post on their Facebook page? Or tweet it to them with a specific hashtag?

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Using WordPress?

If you are a WP beginner this is a MUST read'

Some great information from +Mike Whitlatch at +Inbound Designs on how plugins can compromise your site performance (affecting user experience and SEO) and the security of your website.

The best way to be safe - limit the plugins you use, consider only plugins from well-known developers or better yet, have code written to eliminate many of them.
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