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Kailyn Hukriede
I'm Just A Kid
I'm Just A Kid

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End of Second Grade
First Day of Second Grade Mrs. Bland taught me lots of thing like multiplication and division strategies. She put lots of effort into teaching us new things but math facts really helped me learn. Even when we were airheads you still helped us. I really had ...

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My Trip to New Orleans
We were at the airport so early many things were closed.When we got in the airport the very first thing is check in, this lets the airline know you will be flying. My mom did electronic check-in.Then when we got in the plane it was very small. We were excit...

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I'd Be Queen
This is all about ants. Being a ant is not easy. You can get squished and it is hard to get food. If I was an ant I'd be queen. I would stay home and have ants give me water and food. If the ants were gone that day I'd be forced to go outside and find water...

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I Hate Winter
Winter blows snow.  I don't like winter because it is very cold. Winter is a time of the year that animals hibernate like bears and bunnies. Some parts of the earth have snow but where I live it doesn't snow.  Some people are forced to  put on coats, gloves...

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The Three Pumpkins
There were three pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. A scarecrow grabbed the pumpkins. A scarecrow carved the pumpkins. The pumpkins didn't want to be carved. The crow saved the pumpkins and glued them back together. The pumpkins were very grateful to be saved. Th...
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