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Chris Nacca
YouTube Reviewer , Phones, Tablets , Gaming, Roms , kernels, you name it ... its here!
YouTube Reviewer , Phones, Tablets , Gaming, Roms , kernels, you name it ... its here!

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£719 for the Pixel XL in the UK...................( enough dots ? )

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Big changes coming to the way Android handles background services in future versions of Android.

Job Scheduler has been in Android since Lollipop i believe, but its going to be main stage pretty soon,

End result should be apps not being able to go rouge , more consistent performance and better battery management

It starts with Android N with 3 broadcasts being taken out.
*connectivity_ change

Apps using new_picture and new photo starting with the Android N release will no longer be able to send or recieve these broadcasts, so if you're app depends on them, you better get moving with Job Scheduler.
Check out the video from Google IO 2016 . qued up

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Painful read.
Did I just really ready that paragraph at a major tech site? Seriously Engadget???

(Yes I know, this is a community post, but it has been selected by the editors to be on the top of their site right now.)

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Got a chance to play (very briefly) with the Galaxy S7 today, the auto focus really is incredibly fast. Took 3 very fast snaps at different targets and it handled it easily, all In focus.

For me it's all about the Edge, the normal S7 just felt too small and looked ordinary... whereas the Edge is an eye catcher,.. due to the curved angles it sits nicely in one hand and really doesn't feel like a 5.5 inch device at all,. The shiny metal and glass is an absolute finger print magnet though

The screen is great as expected, love that "infinity pool" effect you get with the Edge display.

Device felt speedy (obviously only has stock apps),

Looks to be a very nice device, kept hitting the wrong key for back though 😤

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Reachability for your Android device ;-) 

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