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                        Lockitron - Keyless entry using your phone
You can now lock your door from anywhere in the world. Lockitron is an awesome new piece of technology designed to let you unlock your house using your smartphone. Lockitron installs over almost any deadbolt, so users do not need to add anything special in their door.
Lockitron can be used differently depending on what device the user is using. Assuming that the user has an iPhone, the Lockitron utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to sense when the apartment resident or homeowner is approaching and will automatically unlock the front door without any interaction from the user. In addition, Android owners will be able to wave their NFC-enabled device in front of the door in order to gain entrance. After the user has entered the building and closed the door, the Lockitron automatically engages the lock again. Even users without smartphones can send a text message to Lockitron to unlock their door.
The device also has a knock sensor. If someone knocks on the door, the homeowner will receive a notification informing them of an arriving guest. It also has an unlock sensor, so if someone uses a traditional key to gain access to the house, the main user will be notified.
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Yeah, my phone has my home address in the Maps app so I can get traffic updates throughout the day. I would be screwed if I had this. :P
I just reserved one. I would rather put better security on my phone than carry clunky keys all the time.
That lock wouldn't last one kick-in in my neighborhood.
Very cool. But is it just me or is it HUGE? Look at it in relation to the deadbolt on the door...
Imagine you have to do a lot on work and get out there very late. A friend calls you to get a beer with him, so you get in train read e-paper on your device, listening to music and after you drink some beer with your friend. Finally you get home want to unlock your door and your smartphone is empty. Now what?
Wow, the more technology dependent we become, them it rules our life. I would never depend on it for that, now.
Android does that better and securely with NFC
Great product, want to know can I go for this?
I like the concept but the security of this is raising flags. Shame on all the peons who are going to put this on their front door lol 
home lock on your thank you...I prefer finger or eye scanner 
Euan: if you use an iphone, you are safe. If the robber uses your address from the map, he will probably end up in the middle of the ocean.
Cant say about its greatness but seriously it is good..!!
Looks awesome but someone could easily hack that.
good one but if mobile is lost then. what abt the safety?
Sweet!!!  Now, when you lose your phone you'll be locked out of your house plus someone will be able to steal everything.
2 questions. Is there a lockitron server somewhere in the cloud that knows if my door is unlocked? (It had better be peer to peer or door to phone without a middleman) and where does it get it's power?(if the power runs out on the device, does it fail-secure(require a key after the battery dies) or does it just stay how it was when the battery dies which could be unlocked...(you can't lock it remotely after the battery dies...) cool idea, hopefully these things were worked out already...
Why would you want to be able to lock or unlock your house remotely? What was wrong with using a key? Can someone please tell me one practical application for this... If anything i would have thought a proximity sensor for keyless entry... But then you need NFC, can someone work on that for android devices?
+Ryan Robinson it would be handy for short term rental properties, especially if you could register the renters phone/Bluetooth/nfc in advance (or the 1st time the encounter the device) secret pairing code (that can be changed remotely). No worries about renters making keys for your vacation home...
$149.00 to unlock your door from remote?  No thanks Ill stick with the old key.
Makes it to easy for hacker to get in our house and they don't have to leave there house. Also it not gonna help unless you have a way of boarding up your windows. That's how everyone gets in to my house. Good thing to get renters insurance.
so the dark side is that my door need power source? :-/
now you need to pay to unlock your door ....wonderfull!!!
What if u r at ye doorstep n phone battery is dead? :/
So u get this loss your phone now u had your bank info on there your facebook google+ info on it now the only thing can do is hope you didn't get robed
Fahim A
Is it available ? How much?
wow its awesome.i like it what an idea
This looks stupid. Can you imagine having that ugly thing on the inside of your door. What's wrong with a damn key?
Ryan Ng
Yeah, what if you lose your phone? Then a burglar can just hack your phone
+Jimmie Patrick iPhones don't have NFC. Its one of those features that Apple will introduce later and play off as something they invented
We insulted Apple and she got offended
Ryan Ng
+Brian Healy Who got offended? I'm sorry, I didn't read the earlier comments.
Ryan Ng
+maereg gebretekle Can you stop being offended that some of us hate Apple? Some of us think Android is actually better.
i don't care and i am not saying that i hate apple i was just saying stop commenting so i can watch my movie without any interruption!
And if i lose my phone, can i go in ??
well what if there is something important i should know, life isn't always about fun
both of them are important movie teaches and google + give information. now stop commenting!!! so many stupid ppl around google+ it's hard to control it
Good idea just not really sure about how secure it is. 
Thanks for sharing, this is exactly what I am looking for. Ordered 2 .

Whats gonna happen when your phone get low??
I've spent 2 months to sort out my lock/unlock in my studio over internet and now this... cmon tech progress, why u no faster???
There are strange questions can be answers with common senses:
1. Your phone how to maximized its usage and keep it charge is up for daily use up to you.
2. Your phone security and how to use it is also up to you.
3. What ever convenience accessories attached to you phone to maximize it potential is up to you.
4. All the locks it the world currently use for your doors cannot stop a hard kicks to break it down. Until than, this will be the best.
5. It is another accessories, another choice to choose how you apply to your daily life style. It's your money. Used it wisely.

Ryan Ng
+Hiep Tran Yes, and therefore, this is not a good idea, even if you had a lock that takes 2 people to open and is very hard to pick, it still faces the possibility of it being hacked. If a thief steals your phone, he/she can easily get inside your house.
Ryan Ng:
The moment my phone is stolen.
I prepared to take necessary steps to re-act to the event.
Wipe my data, change all my passwords. Calls my banks, ready to change all credit cards. Turned all evident over to police after filed with them. Treated it like any other break in and robbery. Prepare for any loss of personal data breach ect...
Hackers will hack, we live on and do our best to protect ourselves. Before the Internet, crooks already out there. I refused to let it stop me from enjoyed what technology have offers.

Ryan Ng
+Hiep Tran Even so, if you wiped your phone, there is no way you can get in your house without breaking the lock, unless you have a back-up key.
Of course, it is always good to have back up.
Ryan Ng
Yes, and that's why not having a manual lock in there is not a good idea.
i dont think i want this....
So creative & innovative,but when it comes to hackers / computer freaks no no no no no.i would prefer the local one
What if u loose it and some robber will use it to get in?
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