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Brian Sanderson
Conservative, Geek, and iPhone fanatic!
Conservative, Geek, and iPhone fanatic!

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Mr. Jim Irsay

You better replace Grigson after this year. Pathetic in his 3 years as GM he could not get a O Line to protect Luck. Pagano deserves blame too but he is not the one drafting these fools. I’m pissed.

That was a foul on Lebron James with around 9 seconds left. Wtf you have to call fouls NBA. It should not matter if you are a star or not.

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New Chrome Extension for Fans!

I was surprised when the team below contacted me to make this! It's available now for free at:

It's beautiful and fast-fast! I'd really like to thank +Mohamed Mansour (coding) , +Jake McCuistion (art & design). Wait until you see the amazing extensions they are making next… They swore me to secrecy… and I am a great secret-keeper. But… wow it is cool!

Every day, it keeps track of when I release new photos across the web... easy to +1 or share with your friends that like photography... and this sort of thing. Thanks again Mohamed - you rock!

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We're Giving Away Another AMAZON KINDLE FIRE!!!

Many of you know that I purchased 5 Kindle Fires on the day they were available. I've since given one away. Now, I'm going to keep at least a couple of them, but after talking it over with +Cali Lewis we've decided to give away another one to one of our weekly newsletter subscribers!!!

It's so, so easy to get entered to win. You just need to do TWO little things.

1) Be a confirmed subscriber to The Livid Lobster Newsletter! Sign up right on the sidebar of our homepage here:

2) SHARE this Google+ post to help spread the word!

Yeah, that's it. :-)

Oh, and this time, the contest is NOT limited to US residents. If you win, we'll ship the Kindle Fire to you wherever you are. I don't care if you live in Zimbabwe! :-) And... Just to sweeten the deal... if you want, Cali and I will both autograph the back of your new Kindle Fire before we ship it to you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the newsletter and share this post! Once you do, you'll truly be part of the Livid Lobster family.

>>>>>>>>>> Sign Up Here: <<<<<<<<<<<<

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Ok guys! I hung out with a TON of people (I think I hit almost 40 hangouts, most full?), I really appreciate your time, I'm sorry if I didn't get to your group, I'm gonna learn to go faster next time for sure :)

The coolest part was random people meeting and making friends in Hangouts while waiting, it's so nice to see community coming together :)

If you have screenshots post links here! I definitely wanna do this again (during night for work people) so look out for another event scheduled with episode 6 of Dragon Age in...6 weeks :)

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Re-sharing this because we had to tweak some stuff:
Series releases next Tuesday at 12:01am on
DLC releases on the same day:
Thanks for watching/sharing :)

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