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Marvin Benitez
Cars sports lift weights & xbox baby.
Cars sports lift weights & xbox baby.

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Still pretty cool to me lol
[The Dragon Ball 30 day challenge]
Day 2: What got you into the series? When did you first watch it?

Boredom. Pure boredom. My life was hell, I couldn't sleep well and usually I stayed up very late. One of those days, I decided to watch TV just because I didn't know what do do. I put Cartoon Network and there is was, DBZ Kai. I recognized the show because when I was small my dad would tell me stories about how he tried to do the moves and stuff, and even though I wasn't interested I started watching. It was a 2 hour special, and it started from the very beggining. Soon I got hooked; although it was censored and the recolors to hide the blood were crap the show got my attention. When it ended, I started recording the series. Like the ppl at CN are bad and the episodes weren't in order, I decided to watch it online. Then I watched the original DBZ, the movies and the especials- which got me even more hooked - and GT. It wasn't until I officially entered the fandom that I watched the original Dragon Ball.
All of this happened 3 years ago, so we can say I'm somewhat new to the fandom.

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Nothing like some muscle

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The amazing evolution of the Xbox controller
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This is the last major collab video of my California trip (still have a few extra bonus videos but this is the PEAK).

This is probably one of my most entertaining videos in a long time. Mike & I go compete in a series of challenges to find out who is the best (a sequel to my very popular 315lb Max Rep Bench Challenge video we did at SuperTraining a few weeks back).

Challenges include:
MAX Push Ups
Arm Wrestling
Deadlift Grip Test

We go all out to find out who is the best athlete. If you liked this video and enjoyed the content, please show your support and like this video, leave a comment with suggestions for a possible 3rd edition and share this video!

*Quick note the title is a joke (Powerlifter vs Bodybuilder) and comes from one of our videos from this collab. No one get offended!

The real title is Silence vs Surfclam: Battle at Barbell Brigade.

Make sure to follow Silent Mikke @silentmikke and the judge LaMar Lindsay @superduperfresh

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"i'll do what i want &-' i'll never Give uP! i won't be broken, i won't be beaten down!" Lift each other uP \m/
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