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SF Protest! No #Airbnb rental listings in #StolenHomes on illegally occupied territories. #WestBank #Palestine

Rent unique place to stay in illegal Israeli Settlements
AirBnB Site
Why Palestinians Are Boycotting AirbnbWhy Palestinians Are Boycotting Airbnb. Not-so-sweet home: Airbnb under fire for profiting off settlements in occupied West Bank
Airbnb lists properties in illegal Israeli settlements
Dozens of listings on occupied Palestinian land on the accommodation bookings site raise questions about its legal position in profiting from the rentals.
Palestinians Lambast Airbnb's West Bank Settlement Listings.
Airbnb Slammed Over Rental Listings in West Bank Settlements

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Whatever Happened to Latino Political Power?

DEMOGRAPHY is destiny, or so the saying goes, but Latinos are learning this political season that destiny can take detours.

As their population in the United States surged from 35 million in 2000 to nearly 57 million, Latinos became the subjects of a feel-good political story that bathed a marginalized minority in the glow of demographic triumphalism. Acting as a cohesive political force, Latinos were supposed to power Democratic majorities for decades and enshrine the welcoming immigration policies they overwhelmingly favor.

Instead, the 2016 campaign is showing how viscerally the paranoia of a majority can take aim at those gaining ground. Rather than a moment of triumph, this could be the year of the Latino eclipse.

“Today we march. Tomorrow we vote.” That chant brought more than a million people into the streets in 2006 to protest tough immigration policies promoted by conservative Republicans. Since then Latinos have held to an ethnic empowerment strategy based on a single policy objective — citizenship for unauthorized immigrants — and a single tactic — becoming an essential constituency in presidential elections.

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U.S. struggles with gender-based hate crimes

2015 saw a surge in the number of transgender homicide victims in the United States. In fact, it was the most deadly year for transgender people on record. In November 2015, The Guardian published an article reporting that 21 transgender people were victims of homicide last year. But the discrepancies between official data collected by law enforcement agencies and the reports made by LGBT advocacy groups expose the social and political challenges of addressing violence targeting transgender people.

Congress defines a hate crime as “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” While the F.B.I. has been collecting data on hate crimes since 1992, it wasn’t until 2010 that the civil rights of transgender people became recognized and protected under federal law. In 2009, President Obama signed the Defense Authorization Act, a bill that includes the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. It was the first report to include gender identity as a form of bias in hate crimes. Before the bill was passed gender bias was not included bias to qualify as a hate crime.

The F.B.I.’s annual report on hate crimes will be released this month and will include statistics collected between January 2015 and December 2015; it will be the first report to include gender identity as a form of bias in hate crimes. Non-government organizations have collected their own data. The Human Rights Campaign issued a report in 2015 called “Addressing Anti-Transgender Violence,” which echoed the findings published by The Guardian: At least 21 transgender people have been victims of fatal violence this year, the majority of whom were people of color.

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Via Lydia Howell
Invading White Gentrifiers Call Cops On Black Residents For Walking Down Street, Knocking On Doors
In an ironic display of white supremacy, Black residents in the historically African American East Oakland area are now being treated as menaces by white invading gentrifiers who are calling the cops on them for simply living life as they always have. A recent report by the East Bay Express reveals that the rate at which whites are calling police on innocent blacks is skyrocketing at an alarming rate.
Using data from the website, the publication was able to uncover cops being called for such harmless infractions as walking down the street and knocking on a door. Black salesman and postal workers who were simply doing their job have even faced harassment and been criminalized just for delivering items to residents.
As if existing Oakland police officers do not have a history of criminalizing and brutalizing Black residents enough, white residents have also taken to hiring private officers to patrol the neighborhood with even more tyranny. Oakland officers report that they are currently receiving more than 700 calls a month about suspicious vehicles and people, revealing that they are forced to respond to baseless, unwarranted calls from white residents who are racially profiling their neighbors.

Series of Storms to Bring Plenty of Rain, Snow to California

Parade of Storms For West
It is going to be a wet week for California. Several inches of rain is possible in some areas.

The next series of storms to impact the West Coast will be a bit different than what the region has experienced in recent months. This go around, even Southern California can expect a decent helping of much-needed rain.

For parts of the Cascades, Siskiyous and Sierra, as well as parts of the Four Corners and Desert Southwest, expect hefty amounts of snow to pile up into the coming week.

This will add to a Sierra snowpack that is much more substantial than at the same point last year.

According to winter weather expert Tom Niziol, through Dec. 30, 2015, the Sierra snowpack was at 105 percent of normal for the season, compared to just 50 percent through the same date in 2014.

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Online MIDI Player with Playlists (And how to make your own)

This is an online MIDI player with playlists, I might be wrong but after searching the net, I couldn't find one. So, I'm posting it here.

It can be seen in operation on the sidebars here(link) and here(link) as it can also be seen embeded in this post
If you are a MIDI music lover, enjoy the music and even if you are not, I'm confident you'll enjoy it too. (All the playlists together contain 1186 titles) And there are lengtlhy instructions on how to build your own if you like MIDI Music, specially Xmas, Jazz, Ragtime, Big Band, Classical, etc.

Check it out

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Clinton issues LGBT policy platform, NCLR responds
From a press release

(San Francisco, CA, December 17, 2015 )—Today Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a landmark policy paper addressing issues that affect the LGBT community. Clinton's policy proposal is the first and most specific issued by any presidential candidate currently in the 2016 race.

Statement from National Center for Lesbian Rights ( NCLR ) Executive Director Kate Kendell:

"The policy positions announced today by Hillary Clinton sketch a bold vision for our community in this country and beyond. We applaud Secretary Clinton for her audacious and uncompromising support for a range of policy initiatives which, if realized, would improve the lives and futures of every lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender person in our nation and the world. By addressing issues like parenting and adoption, protections for LGBT youth, conversion therapy, violence against transgender people and transgender service in the military, and health care access for people with HIV—issues which have long been part of NCLR's work—Secretary Clinton reflects a genuine understanding of the issues facing LGBT people and their families. Her passionate support is extremely gratifying."

The National Center for Lesbian Rights is a national legal organization committed to advancing the human and civil rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community through litigation, public policy advocacy, and public education. .

Fighting for Full Equality for LGBT People


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Analysis of Donald Trump Tax Plan Sees a Boon for Wealthy and Trillions in Debt #DumpTrump

Donald J. Trump’s tax plan would benefit the wealthiest Americans the most while saddling the economy with trillions of dollars in new debt, according to an analysis released on Tuesday by the Tax Policy Center.

Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who is leading most polls, released his plan in September after vowing to crack down on loopholes that benefit rich hedge fund and private equity managers, while eliminating provisions that encourage companies to park their cash in overseas tax havens.

The proposal would cut the top tax rate to 25 percent from 39.6 percent, and bring down the corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent. It would also end federal income taxes on individuals making less than $25,000 and married couples who file their taxes jointly earning less than $50,000.

Despite the populist tone of his campaign, Mr. Trump’s plan appears to open new loopholes that would allow the well-off to shave their tax bills and could debilitate the economy as lawmakers look for requisite spending cuts. According to analysts at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, the cuts would mean nearly $25 trillion in lost government revenue over the next 20 years, and swell the ratio of debt to gross domestic product from about 74 percent to 180 percent.

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Fact check: The 'King of Whoppers' for 2015 is Donald Trump #DumpTrump

It's been a banner year for political whoppers — and for one teller of tall tales in particular: Donald Trump.

In the 12 years of's existence, we've never seen his match.

He stands out not only for the sheer number of his factually false claims, but also for his brazen refusals to admit error when proven wrong.

He is by no means the only one telling whoppers, of course. Once again this year there are plenty of politicians, in both parties, who hope voters will swallow their deceptive claims. Hillary Clinton, for one, said she was "transparent" about her use of a private email server, when in fact she wasn't. That was one of the bogus claims she made about her unusual email arrangement while secretary of State.

But Trump topped them all when he claimed to have seen nonexistent television coverage of "thousands and thousands" of Muslims in New Jersey cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11 — and then topped himself by demanding that fact-checkers apologize for exposing his claim as fantasy. And that's only one example.

Here we've assembled, as we do every year at this time, a generous sampling of the most far-fetched, distorted or downright fallacious claims made during 2015.

In past years, we've not singled out a single claim or a single person, and have left it to readers to judge which whoppers they consider most egregious.

But this year the evidence is overwhelming and, in our judgment, conclusive. So, for the first time, we confer the title "King of Whoppers."

Trump's Falsehoods...
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