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#Vocalosity at the MAC was AcA-Awesome! (Yeah, I said it)

Does anyone else play the game, "remove the card from the chip reader before it beeps at me"?

Yellow cake is very similar to white caller, but it tastes just a little more yellow. That's why it's better. #teamyellow

Yellow cake is the best, so I find it interesting, the number of people who ask, "what does yellow cake taste like?" #teamyellow

On our walk last night, my daughter was excited that she found an animal: "a frog!"

My response: "toss your Pokèball at it!"

I just realized that I can sort my family's laundry into two simple groups: pink and not pink.

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I like coming up with unique names for these... #pokemongo

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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The world needs more teachers like this. #worldmagic

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#AZGhostbusters doing some great service for everyone!
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