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Gone Tomorrow: Evanescent Man from Antiquity to Modernity
has always fought against the idea of his eventual demise. Egyptian funerary
objects, ancient Greek grave markers, mediaeval depictions of Christ’s
crucifixion and resurrection all serve as artistic avoidance objects to escape
the grotesque idea that we...

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Performance Art at the Whitney Museum
           On our
class trip to the Whitney Museum, we were to focus primarily on the “Rituals of
Rented Island” exhibit which centered on ephemera (like photographs, video
footage, props, etc.) from “happenings” or performance art pieces performed
during t...

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LES Galleries Reaction
          When visiting
the Lower East Side galleries, I definitely felt there to be a stark difference
in relation to the galleries in Chelsea. Spatially, the rooms felt more varied
in their arrangement, not resembling the “white cube” spaces in Chelsea. A...

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Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary
         René Magritte "The False Mirror" 1928 Oil on canvas René Magritte, a 20th century artist known for his surrealist paintings, manages so surreptitiously to mask issues of psychology and the human subconscious beneath his deadpan style and fantastica...

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Design in Our Lives
          On our second class trip to the MOMA, we were to consider
artworks in the Architecture and Design galleries in terms of high and low
functionality. Ergonomics is the applied science of equipment design, as for
the workplace, intended to maximize p...

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Illustrate a Story
“Did you ever give up hope?” - Josh & Chuck Lampert “My diagnosis was psychotic depression. You can hallucinate sounds and smells and tastes. And my mistake was doing drugs, because sometimes the line got blurred of what is real and what isn't. Other people...

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Chelsea Galleries Reaction
On our recent trip to the
Chelsea galleries, we were asked to play the role of art curator and choose two
works from two separate exhibitions that we would either choose to have in our
collection or not. In choosing said artworks, I decided to go by what mo...

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Art and Identity: The Museum of Modern Art
Identity in art is one the most prominent qualities one will find when cross-examining a work of art. Whether it is an artist’s individual, cultural or historical identity, the environment in which an artist produces work greatly affects the final outcome w...

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Narrative Digital Collage
Intrauterine Dream dreams in utero memories of a life once lived in deep oceans warm, vast, unbeknownst unborn yet with a sudden pull all...
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