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This new experimental system can project and read a UI on any surface - your hand, or anywhere else!

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Sharing because I want to download this later
My new zombie book is out today, so I'm giving away a digital copy for free for today only (24 hours). TELL NO ONE. +Tom Merritt +Wil Wheaton +Veronica Belmont +Matthew Inman +Rachel Maeroff

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This is an AWESOME parody
The only thing better than the Walking Dead is The Walken Dead.

Seriously, still waiting for everyone to make the switch to Google+ 

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Enjoying the Stanford AI course (, here is access to 10 more free online courses:

10. Darwin's Legacy (Stanford)
9. Astrobiology and Space Exploration (Stanford)
8. Descriptive Introduction to Physics (Berkeley)
7. Astronomy 001 (Penn State)
6. Earth and Planetary Sciences (Berkeley)
5. Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering (Yale)
4. Cognitive Science (Berkeley)
3. Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics (Yale)
2. Science, Magic and Religion (UCLA)
1. Animal Behavior (MIT)

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RIP Dennis Ritchie...

Everybody just take a minute to look around you and look at the legacy Ritchie has left behind.

He freaking created C.

Most embedded system programming happens in C. If you're looking at a watch, a calculator, an oven, a microwave there is probably a part of Ritchie in all of them.

Most servers today run on Linux which was made using UNIX as a reference. Every google search, every facebook post and every website you visit has a bit of Ritchie in it.

Every modern operating system is based on UNIX (ok maybe not windows). Every modern operating system uses tonnes of code written in C. Almost every bit of software you see has a bit of Ritchie in it.

Dennis Ritchie was the steve jobs who never got the fame he deserved. If you think Steve Jobs changed the world then you're in for a big surprise here...

I am liking iOS 5. The "notifications" pull-down screen is nice to have. Also a fan of "banner" alerts.

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In a climate where they’re told what really matters are grades, students turn to cheating (rather than to learning) in order to do well. Wouldn't you?
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