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Pretty handy feature
Importing Web Data into Google Spreadsheet

Did you know you can import tables available online directly into +Google Drive? That can be done using the ImportHTML function on  Google Spreadsheets and will save you a lot of time. The image below shows how to do it (source
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I wish they had accommodated some security related features as well, this would have been THE thing to buy.

#define TRUE FALSE     //Happy debugging suckers

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Theorem 1: Toasts always land butter side down.
Theorem 2: Cats always land on their feet.
Theorem 1 + Theorem 2 = awesomeness
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In Google Plus, scrolling the news feed half way and then pressing J/K starts scrolling through the posts from top of the page starting from most recent item. But facebook does it right and resumes to scroll from current view port. #userexperienceoptimization  

Pro tip: Put your .vimrc file and .vim folder in dropbox and enjoy same settings across all your computers.

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Interesting watch.

Chrome dev tools keyboard shortucts: Command+/ clashing with comment. F8 is too far to use. Any way to disable comment shortcut ?

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Show Function Definition in Chrome DevTools.

Implemented 2012-08-26, I had no idea
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