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Why is we hum and how do we hum? This is so cool!

Isaura Lira Greene

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How many of you are on wattpad or figment? 
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Isaura Lira Greene

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I need help on making my story sound more interesting. I know i want to write a story about my namesake but i dont know what she should do on her climb. It is mostly a repetitive thing. What plots should stand in her way? And also what do you think of the story so far?

I looked up at the high slope. I was a little daunted by its mass height I sort of didn't want to climb the mountain. But then I did. No one had climbed the Taurus mountains before, named after the male god of the earth and the constellation in the sky. I wanted---needed to do it, to prove to my people that we could overcome the challenges that mother earth sets before us.

I growled like a lion and howled to the moon. AUUUUUUUUUUU!!! My name is Isaura and I will vanquish this fete!!!!!

I shouldered my knapsack and adjusted the straps. I sipped a few drops from my precious canteen of water.

"What are you so scared of?" Lalia taunted me from behind my ear.

The Queen of tricks, and jokes. I groaned at her. "I am not, I am just prepping."

"Get on already, its going to be day soon!"

I made move to hit her but she ducked out of the way, flexing her curvy muscles with pride. I digress, and hoist myself up with my arms to the first ledge on the slope. I monkey my legs up and am about fifty feet up when my sister taunts, "you look like a fool, and smell of turds."

"And you're a coward!" I tease.

"Am I, or are you?" She shouts back in her snaky way. Her spirit animal is the cobra, always the hissy one exploring the valleys. She would never dare to go after me. She rather have a close group of friends then be a adventurous loner like me.

I am another fifty feet up when I feel the sharp snowy blast of air on my face. My knees are beginning to get a bit sore too. As soon I get to the first or second plateau I will put more hides on, and my fathers trousers I stole from his days of fighting. I don't think he would care that much when I get back. He might not even notice, seeing as he is always busy and he never washes his garments.

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Beautiful flow of language, Isaura.

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Good Morning Dear Circlers :-)
Repeat after me: I am magnificent
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Isaura Lira Greene

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I just wanted to say you look beautiful without makeup. You don't need it (you look beautiful with it too). you look more free, trusting and almost more personal with us without makeup. it is like we finally get see your eyes for the first time, which is like seeing your soul. 

Isaura Lira Greene

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I have no clue what heck you guys are thinking. I know that to an extent you have all truths but to extent you have very much the possibility of extremely wrong. (Wisdom comes from accepting that). There is truth in all fiction. It is possible that this man invented characters and story came from some source of influence. Which is the case for many human stories because, well, we are all human, and often think in the same sort of level of thinking and only see how we want to see things. Here is a book about very real stories of true psychic people:

Isaura Lira Greene

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I wrote this a long time ago? Does this story have any hope? Do you have any ideas for me? Any critiques? Thanks!!!!

I shift up, stretching my arms out drawing nearer to my home in the clouds.
Every day I flew to the boundary between the earth-sphere, and the sky but I could never go through. I liked to peer through the clouds and watch the little creatures crawling on the surface. They seem surreal. Why can't they fly? How can they live down there, wouldn't they burn from the earth's mantle or be crushed like a bug by gravity?

I don't understand gravity, the teachers at school say it is simply what makes people of mass and volume go down or attract to bigger objects. The reason we can't is because we were freed from the attraction long ago, they call us gossamer's, beings of light and freedom. What is weight? What does it feel like when you can only move around in circles, feet attached?

It seems so slow. When I was younger me and this boy liked to tease the creatures calling them "Molasses feet" but they could never hear us. Now that I have taken all my courses I know they can not see us either. I think we are as there as air to them.

Lea zoomed just out of reach as she pulled to a hover in front of me.

"What are you doing?"

"Visiting the border." I jump up to her level.


I don't answer but instead adjust my backpack strings so I could take out my sack of gas water.

That is another thing I don't get, how can someone digest liquid water? It must weight them a ton. It is probably what makes gravity affect them so much.

I inhaled the misty scent in awe, I love the pure, clear tasting smell of water. As I finished the bag, Lea was still babbling about the most recent gossip.

I listened to the hum as she went on and on. No one ever listens to Lea, they just pretend to, and she never notices. Her babble is very musical though, if you sort zoom out of literal thought and just listen to her nice high pitched humming sound.

Not everyone can babble musically, without having a particular song memorized.
I love listening to my mom too, she is a singer and probably the most gorgeous of her age. She just flows instead of flutters so that you can scarcely see how she travels. Sometimes at night, she disappears completely and then seconds later you see her again on the opposite side of the house humming.

I admit that is why I hang out with Lea, we like to do stuff together, but I never have to listen. I always know what she says, but it just sits in the back of my mind and never goes anywhere. I can never reply to her babble because she never wants me too. She just wants to be the only one talking.


Molasses creatures sort of croak when they speak, they have really deep voices, I don't know what they say, but it is fun to hear their strange noises they make.

A large team of hawks flew over head.
Lea stopped her babble to look where I was looking.

"Let's get back." I said nervously, watching the boys adjust their air rifles. They wore heavy brown wings and the bodies of hawks with a beak at the top of their head.

They were the hunters, when you saw one you knew they watching the skies for any danger. If they were close, you had to retreat or you could get stuck in the bloody mess. When they were birds, they couldn't see us because they were affected by gravity just as much as the creatures of the earth, they were just lighter. They can only see through a real hawk's eyes, the only way you know is when you see the camouflaged bow and arrow shaft on their backs.

"Up!" Lea hissed hurriedly. As quickly as we could we fluttered upward, forming a small draft that ruffled the boys feathers.

"You feel that?" one screeched.

"Nah, what you talking about?" another screeched back.

The first one stuck his tongue out, as if to send a mating call. But he stuck in back in and said, "We lost 'em, dang it!"

A shadow flocked on a cloud across from them.
"Raiders." Lea and I breathed.

"You hear that?" A boy asked his neighbor.

"No? You imaging things?"

"There might a lady up there in the clouds."

"Tell her to get back, then."

The hawk swerved upward but stopped a few yards below our cloud. It screeched, flapping it wings helplessly.

"I can't hear you!" I yelled at him.

He looked actually disgruntled before taking off his hat, revealing the familiar silver hair and round face of my thirteen-year old brother.

"Jaques! You fool! We don't need anyone to help us get back, we need someone to fight the raider!"

"What?" His pubescent voice nearly squawked meaning he probably left his hawk voice box partly on. He turned and spotted the shadow flickering closer.

"You have to tell Mom and Dad," he screeched. "That is no raider, it comes from earth and it is challenging our freedom to live. Go!" with that he fluidly put on his hat and dived to meet the rest of the hunters.

"Lea?" I turned to the spot where she was but to see that she was gone.

"Mother of pearl," I grumbled before following in her wake.

"So Jaques, you finally came back," Mortimer crowed to the point that he almost sounded like a crow. I motioned to him to adjust his voice box again because he must have bumped it on accident.

"Now since you are so young I want you to stay back and be the warner and the spotter. We can't risk your neck."

"I think I can handle a bow, thanks." I said stiffly.

"I know you can, but battle is a whole another thing. Use it only to protect yourself. Do not attack, hear me?"

I gave him my most piercing stare but he ignored it as he always ignores me.

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Has anyone tried to do something like this?
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Isaura Lira Greene

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You could be a genius in many different ways too, maybe a genius at one subject, but an idiot in another. Geniuses dont always make the best choices, they are not necessary the best. 

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Question, do you know why the pilgrims lost their british accents? Is it because of other people influence, (native americans, slaves?) or what?

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Thank you for teaching us about plants!
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