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Ted Curran
Exploring intersections between Web 2.0, digital arts, and education.
Exploring intersections between Web 2.0, digital arts, and education.

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Sleep Conductor | Our App #UI #UX Prototype from the #bitsandblocks @IDEO CoLAB Makeathon 2016

In March 2016, I participated in the IDEO CoLAB Makeathon 2016, an all-day workshop where we went through the IDEO design process to envision future applications for blockchain and Internet of Things technology. This article outlines my experience at the…

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Experience API and #RSS News/Podcast Aggregators #podcasts #XAPI #edtech

I am a big believer in RSS News Aggregators as a core technology for lifelong learning. By allowing each individual person to curate their own interests and get in the habit of consuming a steady stream of news relevant to their interests, RSS lets people…

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Search @Instructure #Canvas LMS with Chrome Custom Search Engines #edtech

If you’re an admin user of Canvas LMS by Instructure, you frequently have to navigate your account by searching for users and courses in the Admin panel’s search bars for “Users” and “Courses”. This is a snazzy trick that lets you search your Canvas…

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Post a Lecture Video in a Discussion Forum for Active Responses #edtech #LMS

Most LMSes have a “Discussion Forum” tool that you can add into any course unit, and even make it a graded assignment in the course. Many online educators will post a discussion prompt and let students respond below. Here’s a little trick to help spice up…

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My favorite #Android launcher is 80% OFF today. Get it! You'll be stoked you did. 

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Ted Curran commented on a post on Blogger.

NINETY TWO PERCENT of teachers teaching online/hybrid courses didn't even post grades in the LMS?!?!? I know that it's always a challenge to get instructors to fully(partially) utilize the tools that an LMS provides, but what we're talking about here is the most basic, administrative use of the LMS. Just post your grades so we know something happened here. No? Not even that?

I'm sympathetic to instructors who are more comfortable delivering their course materials via simpler software like blogs, Dropbox, or even via paper-based handouts. I get it, not everyone feels comfortable using an LMS, or even agrees philosophically with what they represent.

It sounds like they had a policy in place that didn't demand that faculty maximize the LMS -- just post grades once everything's over. This sounds to me like a lack of oversight on the part of administrators to ensure that this was really happening.

At SMU we had a similar policy and some people who didn't follow it, but we actually CHECKED to make sure that every course at least had a syllabus and some grades in it. Run a report to see the course shells that have never had any activity in them, and shoot an email or a call to the instructors to offer assistance and make sure they know what's expected.

It might be time-intensive, but it's not 39 million bucks!

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Loop is @GooglePlayMusic on your Desktop from @mrusme #music #streaming #freeapps #mac #windows #linux

Google Play Music is my favorite music streaming service — but running it in my main browser has some drawbacks. Luckily Loop has emerged as a nice standalone desktop app for Google Play Music. First, why is Google Music so great? I know that Spotify is…

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Testing the Twitter Widget @h5ptechnology #edtech #HTML5 #twitteredu #learninginteractions

I have long been a fan of the project, a collection of open source learning objects written completely in HTML5 technologies to add interactive elements to online courses. These are the learning objects used in edX courses, but you can freely…
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