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57th West Middlesex...
this is the 120MM 57th west middlesex drummer from Mitches Military
Models sculpted by Maurice Corry. This figure is depicted during the
battle of albuera during the peninsular war in 1811. Figure is painted
in vallejo and andrea acrylics. This partic...

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Franz & Emil
Here is my latest figure/vignette I completed. It's the 2 man WWI pilot
crew from The Model Cellar. They are 120MM and sculpted by the hands
of Mike Good. Figures are painted in Vallejo acrylics.

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here is a Jeff Shiu figure I finished a little while back. A little
filler for me before I start My Peleliu diorama. The figure is 120MM
and is painted as usual in Vallejo acrylics. The ground work is DAS
airdry clay with tinted Envirotex Lite 2 part ...

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MJ Miniatures Ardennes Bust...
This is a piece I finished a while ago but didn't get a chance to take
pics. It's MJ miniatures 1/9th scale german SS MG42 gunner in the
Ardennes Offensive. figures is done in vallego acrylics with the
exception of Gunze lacquers for the metallics.

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Another German
This is a Young Miniatures 1/10th scale bust of a German panzer officer in Palmenmuster. Not an easy pattern to paint. He's done in all Vallejo acrylics.

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"Wo Bist Du Amerikaner?"
Here is my latest diorama that I have been wanting to do for a long
time. It is a diorama that takes place during the ardennes offensive
around Houffalize in December of 44'. it's a crashed M8 Greyhound
belonging to the 82nd recon of the 2nd armored div....

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75mm American Rev Dude...
here's a figure I finished a few weeks back. It's The Model Cellar 75mm
American Rev War dude sculpted by mike Blank. It was originally titled
"Valley Forge" but my client wanted it set at Guildford Courthouse.
The figure as always is painted in Valle...

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Tiny Little Scene...
this is my latest work, more of a figure painting exercise but a nice
little time filler before I'm onto my next project. The SS figures
range from Jaeger, Jaguar, Evolution, warriors and I think Yosci or
another Japanese manufacturer. The figures are ...

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120MM US paratrooper...
here is a piece by Mitches Military Models sculpted by Maurice Corry.
This is the second time around for me with this figure. The original was
82nd airborne. My client wanted this dude to be 101st but he wanted it
to be more d-day appropriate hence the j...

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Structure Modeling and Finishing Modelling, Painting and Placing Urban Structures in Realistic Diorama Settings (Part 1)
When I was first
approached about writing an article for I
thought about it for about 10 seconds and said YES!!! I never wrote
a How-To article before but I figured if I explained it in laymen's
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