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Dear Chrome,

Why don't you let me pick what thumbnails I want to see in a new tab instead of making me reject your random-ass choices until I get something close to what I want?



Signed up for Stanford AI class advanced track. So much for spare time.

How do you specify which people you want to see in your stream (except one at a time, which reverts the next time you come back)?

Is Google under the impression that their Google+ app for iPhone actually works? Let me disabuse you. Despite the checkbox settings, the app never remembers me the next day. Then, every time I try to log in - despite the "remember me for 30 days" checkbox - the app asks for my authenticator code. When I switch out of the app to open Authenticator to get the code and return to Google+, it makes me log in again!!! Guess what, morons, the codes don't last long enough to get through your login and code entry ceremony. Utter fail.

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Google hanging in there with braindead policy.

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G+ has gotten more interesting since I started following +Robert Scoble. Ok, a little spammy, but in a good way.

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Yet another brainless G+ admin story. The policy merely sucks; its application is random and capricious. (The traffic from a Hacker News link may have taken the website down. Keep trying; it's worth reading.)

The only trouble with Ted's burgers is you have to eat them twice a day for three days.

But come to think of it, Public could mean anything Google+ decides it means. I once posted a criticism of Trumer Pils (skunky taste) on Facebook and got an immediate comment from the beer company. I'll post this to Public and see what happens. :)
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