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Alexandria Blanco
Don't mess with me and don't use me,or imma beat the hell outta you.
Don't mess with me and don't use me,or imma beat the hell outta you.
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Just seeing Logan at the library yesterday reminds me of how much I miss him, and he showed me yesterday,how BAD he missed me.I feel like my bones are twisting into a knot and being crushed from the inside out.What is God trying to tell me?Should I stay with him? Were we meant to be? Is that why we went out more times than any other guy I've dated?TELL ME!!!! Right now,I'm stupid enough that I keep falling for Logan Condon.There's nothing special bout him besides his looks,how he loved me and cared for me,how his kisses felt when I needed him most.I think God's putting me through depression over him for about the 3rd time now.I just CAN'T get over him!!!! WHY CAN'T I GET OVER HIM ALREADY??:'(

Going to the library today.Won't get dropped off til 4 tho.Asked my mom once this morning,no begging and said,"Mom,can I please have a cigarette?I'll pay you for it."She said no to me having to pay her for the cigarette.Walked back into my house,and she had the cigarette waiting for me in her hands.Not right but....ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!

Doesn't anyone besides me wish that life was more than just getting into trouble and having to choose which path is right?
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