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Giving blood at work. Free snacks! YAY!

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Driving on hwy 98 heading to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Kinda boring drive.

10 Facts About YOU
1) You are reading this right now.
2) You're realizing that this is a stupid fact.
4) You didn't notice that I skipped three.
5) You're checking now.
6) You're smiling.
7) You're still reading this even though it's stupid.
9) You didn't realize I skipped eight.
10) You're checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.
11) You're enjoying this.
12) You didn't realize that there is only supposed to be ten facts.


If you are of above average intelligence, you are now realizing that until this fact was added, there WERE only ten facts.

About to get my grill on with some nice breasts. Going to rub them down really good with garlic and herbs. Then we are going to enjoy some good food.I'm hungry.
Venetian VIllas, Panama City, Florida

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Super easy dinner night, GO!

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Thought you should all be aware of this.

So guess what awesomeness was bestowed upon me today.

I had my check card stolen and used to buy stuff overseas! Yay! ...again.

How is it that this has happened to me TWICE and I can trace exactly where my card has been over the past two weeks? Next time a drive thru worker tries to move my card out of sight again, I'm jumping through the window!

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Wait, what was that about Halocaust?

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How "Smurfs" became a summer box office hit

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Being at work at 11 PM tends to indicate that it is NOT happy happy fun time. 
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