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Listening to Eileen Joy's talk at the Public School in New York. Very nice. Great delivery as well.
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Tim, would you interested in current information on the nuclear bomb situation? Funding for a $6 billion factory is close to approval...just right over there >>about 30 miles. Love your portrait.
oh brother. yes i would--thanks. and i'm glad you like the portrait!
Want links here or in an e-mail? I've got quality sites/connections for academic writing and...anything you could do/say soon would be helpful. Let me know where to post/send. Also, can introduce you to a couple of quotable folks to have phone or e-mail conversation with.
Cancer rates are kept secret. At the Water Board meeting the LANL rep spoke and a report was given by ChemRisk - ALSO employed by LANL - who has submitted a request for an additional $40,000 for their "work." The report consisted in saying everything is "ok.' And it's not. Well, it's fine if it never rains again...a possibility. But funds for clean-up from the fire have been cut back, the water does have radioactive material and metals, and funding for the $6 billion plutonium pit factory is on track (called CMRR-FN). The 150,000 acre Las Conchas fire didn't get much press:

Mello is also on YouTube. Not finding the report on the geologic fault line that runs near the Lab and the prediction for an earthquake. The Las Conchas fire was predicted within 10 years after the 2000 Cerro Grande fire - right on the nose. Most of the daily status updates and photos from the period of the fire have been removed from NMFire -

On seismic concerns:

The presentation Mello did last month was suggestive of the Dept of Defense making up the difference of any cuts the Super Committee might make. That's the crux of the's about "defense"...corporate war-making. Bechtel Corp is the most visible of those benefitting. NM is so poor, so undereducated (54% graduation rate) that the 300 temp jobs look good to many people. Los Alamos is the fifth most affluent county in the US. Think Hummers...

So...if this serves in anyway your writing, let me know - I'll gather more, introduce you to people. New Mexico: not-'sposed-to-know. None of the politicians have taken up opposition to the upcoming expansion seriously. The clouds still gather in formation over the fire feels as though the horizon will never be the same. People think it's cool that WholeFoods is selling local vegetables...but I'm guessing there's no market elsewhere. The many implications of the CMRR-FN are my topic in the networking that's happening at the occupy events. There's a recent, romantic pictorial history out - small paperback printed locally - will send to you if you want to "see."
Hi Sheridan--this is incredibly helpful. What a trove of info. I shall read, mark, learn and inwardly digest!
Any way I can help, let me know. All real thinking on the matter is important. If you want hard copy of anything, send an address. ...saw the Trinity image earlier...yeah.
LANL Construction: Pajarito Corridor
One of the union reps came to OSF and told us that the unions would show up and stand in opposition to any demonstration OSF organized in Los Alamos against the Lab. 70+ years of the propaganda of jobs and colonization by the militarization-corporatization of New Mexico. Now, high unemployment, high illiteracy, raging poverty, 54% hs graduation rates - and all the social ills that come along with that list. All bills in Congress related to LANL are ALL about nuclear weapon manufacture - the "greening" of the Labs is a fantasy...the science aspect of the Labs has been reduced to almost nil and several US universities would be much more qualified for scientific nuclear research. Any reduction of funds but still funding would simply be putting into place those items that must be ordered well in advance. And the Dept of Defense is willing to move funds around to keep the project on track. If you have any venue to say anything on this situation, now is the time... Thanks, Tim.
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