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Thriving with Diabetes... not 'just' surviving.
Thriving with Diabetes... not 'just' surviving.

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A post expressing anger, revulsion and disbelief in the ADA celebrating 75 years while presiding over an explosion of the disease world-wide.

I saw the tweet below and I was … dumbfounded. How can an organization FAIL more than the ADA?

#Diabetes  #ADA-Sux

+American Diabetes Association +American Association of Diabetes Educators

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Late evening walk. Cool rain falling on my skin, sun on my back and wet grass beneath my feet. #Primal #Barefoot

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Late evening sun was illuminating a light rain. Rain, sun and wet grass. Sigh. #Barefoot #Shirtless

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Oh lard it's hard to be humble. :)


Post has attachment has agreed to provide readers with a discount and to provide me with product and supplies to review!! 

First Review? Dr. Bernstein’s favorite meter… the Freestyle Lite. I’ll have that review coming soon.

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This should not be news ... if you take Actos, Januvia (any drug) you should try eating a low carb, low inflammatory meal plan... like mine.  

The fact that Actos (and other diabetes drugs) are thought to lead to various cancers is not new news ... but this jury award is. 

If you take a drug ... you really should read this. 

It raises a couple of questions in my ketone riddled brain. 
#Actos   #Januvia   #Takeda  #EliLilly #Diabetes #BigPharma

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The antioxidants were injected... but still, this possibly ANOTHER reason to consume coconut oil daily.

I'm 52 and I have no arthritic / bone joint issues... yet. :)

"The study found that antioxidants extracted from virgin coconut oil were more effective in reducing the inflammation in arthritis induced in rats, than Indometacin, a popular prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) often prescribed for arthritis."

Nope... not going to do it. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

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I'm a meat eater... and I THRIVE!!!

If we were not meat eaters... you would not be reading this post... IMHO.

My daddy was a meat eater. My daddy's daddy was a meat eater, my daddy's daddy's daddy was a meat eater...

#Carnivore #Omnivore #Diabetes

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[New Post] I've done it enough, I decided to write a post about ... DRY AGING! 

With plenty of pictures too.  

#Diabetes  Friendly!!! ... and taste bud friendly. :)
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