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A petition to investigate the MPAA for governmental corruption in light of the SOPA/PIPA protests that the web had, this just needs 14,000 more signatures to make happen... Spread the word and make it happen!
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The way how lobbying is set up allows for so much corruption to take place...
There really are no sides... just the haves and have-nots. If you don't support a corrupt cause, say good bye to any monetary support.
Problem is that it is easier said than done... Everything is too wrapped into the system and as a result, people have gotten cynical about the realm of politics. The majority just go "The system is broken, my vote doesn't count... Why bother? My politician will vote to where the money goes."
Yeah, for me it's just a bit scary that the entire collective of the US has let things get this far...
Politicians would have never expected the modern computer and the internet to be anti-corruptionist campaigning tools... Even better when Chris Dodd made some pretty blatant lies which were debunked quickly via the web... To think that Hollywood wants control of the web, that would just neuter our ability to keep these people in check.
In due time, we may have a true uprising of the people through digital tools... Which I would love to live to see that day.
The problem still is the money... The money is the root of the evil. =\ One site had the list of names of all those who voted in favor of SOPA/PIPA and it was startling on how many people got donations of around the 6 figure range...
To make it like how things used to be and the politicians actually had to talk about the real issues at hand? That would be a dream for many that isn't possible with how lobbying interest and etc have bent and broken things.
True, the net is a great campaigning tool, but it's like the awful saying that is unfortunately true "Money talks". Add in the corrupt politicians getting multimillion dollar donations being able to buy hundreds of hours of advertising and etc... It makes it impossible to convince the common folk that the corrupt politicians are ruining things... Great example during SOPA and PIPA is that all of the major news networks ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc refused to cover ANYTHING related to the SOPA/PIPA issues just to try to pull the wool over the ignorant public's eyes... CNN decided last second for viewership numbers to go ahead and cover it the day the net went black just so they could get their viewer numbers up. The real battle is pruning all of those who are fueled by money and then cutting off those who are supplying the corrupt money streams... Once that happens, I think the rebuilding of America can truly begin.
True enough... It's just a shame that the corporate interests are running our country to the ground. Even more so that someone who violates copyrights can get almost a lifetime of prison and owing several hundreds of billions of dollars... Yet we can still have idiots and crooks in Wall Street who rob and steal from both the people and government being able to go resume life untouched and with no worries of being escorted to prison.