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Lia Hollander
I love teaching English.
I love teaching English.

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Hi everyone,
I am a TESOL certified & TOEFL certified American English teacher. I need to improve my French. I am currently at an A1 level. I would like to chat for 60 minutes on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. We can do 30 minutes of English then 30 minutes of French. Please let me know if you are interested.


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I live in Geneva, Switzerland now. I teach American English pronunciation at the US Mission here. I think it is safe to say that I won't be blogging again for a long time. Thank you for your support and love. I hope you are all happy and healthy. Photo cour...

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My husband has joined the Department of State and has been welcomed into the 136th Foreign Service Specialist Class. It begins at the end of January. We will be moving to Virgina soon and around Valentine's Day we will learn where in the world we will be po...

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Get Around To It ... Eventually
I know, I know. Not blogging for months is not a good way to keep a blog alive. I've honestly thought about killing it. But with new life changes on the way soon, I may need it more than ever! ( No, I'm not pregnant. ) Quick updates: Still teaching English ...

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Get Back In the Pool
I think I'm finally at the point in my physical therapy journey where I can get back in the pool. However, to make sure I don't over do it, I won't bring my goggles and I won't bring my swim cap. But gosh, it will be nice to get back in the water.

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Today is my first physical therapy appointment for my shoulder. I hope the exercises don't hurt too much. (And that I don't faint!)

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+Tony From Spain Sorry for the delay! My sister in law says that Mad Dogs Tavern in a great place to practice English. Here is their Facebook page: (I'm guessing they speak British English not American English.) But I bet it's fun.

Yesterday after I got a Cortisone shot for my hurt shoulder I passed out and smashed my nose on a chair. I bled all over the place but didn't break my nose (thank god). I'm hoping today has less drama.
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