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Village in the Park
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Today 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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1417 Valley Lake Dr Schaumburg, IL 60195, United States
1417 Valley Lake DriveUSIllinoisSchaumburg60195
Apartment BuildingToday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Schaumburg's exquisite residences where quaint courtyards meet trees and flowers...where spectacular floor plans and first-class service meet country club style amenities.
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"The hall ways made me want to puke with the terrible smell."
3 reviewers
"Clean apartments excellent location."
"Overall, this apartment complex is not bad, but I would not use them again..."
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Oksana Sakhniuk's profile photo
Oksana Sakhniuk
4 months ago
I am current resident of this building. Decided not to prolong lease next year. First month when we just moved in, we found out that our fridge was leaking. We made numerous maintenance requests to fix it. It was repaired only on the 3rd time. Then garbage disposal got broken on the third month of our rent. Due to lower temperature outside, boxelder bugs started occupying the place around our window and started getting into the apartment. We called management and let them know that this situation makes our apartment inhabitable. They said that somebody will stop by today to check it out, nobody came. So tired of this irresponsibility from management's side. Cant wait when our rent is up to get out from this place.
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Vivek Venugopal's profile photo
Vivek Venugopal
11 months ago
I am a current resident. I wouldn't recommend this apartment to any one ! I am staying on the 5th floor in a 6 story apartment complex. I have been suffering from a very bad roof leakage for more than 4 months. Water leaks at multiple places ( Kitchen and different places in the hall ). At first I thought some pipe might have broken in the upstairs and that is causing the issue. I had called up their office and reported the issue ( this happened before Nov 2013 ). It stopped for couple of days after that, so thought somebody might have fixed it already. But couple of days after that, it became worse and my carpet used to get wet in multiple locations. I complained again.. This time a maintenance guy came and told me they will look at it. The lady in the office told me that the guy who repairs the roof is out on vacation and hopefully they will fix it up in two weeks. It went on and on for few more weeks like that..By then, the condition was such that I had to keep some plastic cans to collect the leaking water from the top. In Jan 1st week, I met their manager and they did some investigation and later told me that, the ice on the roof is causing the issue and I will have wait till the snow completely melts ! and of course they cannot tell me how long that's going to take. They offered me a "solution" - take a new apartment. They will do a 'transfer' - but I will have to pay the rent based on the current rate ( which is at least $100 more ) AND I will have to sign a new 1 YEAR contract !! I did tried my level best explain them that I don't wish to change the apartment since I will have to shift all my stuff all alone and I don't wish to extend the lease for another year. So it is just because of them, I will have to re-locate. Why should I suffer for their in efficiency to maintain the apartments. They didn't offer me any other options, I would have settled down for transfer on the same rental agreements ( same rent and same lease period ). The most disappointing thing is that, I felt really bad after talking to one of their staff. She talks very rude and never showed any interest to resolve the issue. She was like " this is what we can do.. take it or not". My lease is going to expire in May and I don't want to continue the lease after that. It has been a while since it is snowed and the temp is really going up. I am not seeing any snow in the balcony or roof. So I went and spoke to the office staff today. They just don't seem that the snow has melted enough!! No idea when will they fix this up. I am sure, once the snow melts, there will not be any more leakage s and I doubt they will check the roof issue after that. They can put some paint on the stains on the roof and walls.. and hand it over to the next 'lucky' guy.. until next winter, it is safe !! -
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Edwin Garza's profile photo
Edwin Garza
a year ago
So far so good I just moved in and it seems like a really good place. Clean apartments excellent location. The rooms are quiet and a one time maintenance call got a kitchen faucet replaced in no time. One small/big problem is there are many people of Indian race so the hallways do smell of food but the rooms themselves are ok. You pay water and electric. Free heat. The bathroom sink water gets hot very fast and its a race against the clock to wash your hands ie. if you want cold water you're only gonna get a little bit of it. I find myself going to the kitchen sink to get cold water/wash hands. The shower handle is also very sensitive where just the slightest nudge takes the water from hot to cold. Laundry room is on the second floor and I have never found myself waiting to wash cloths on the weekend. These things are daily annoyances but you get used to it. First floor towards the front of the building sucks since you constantly hear people outside talking and doing dumb things at night.
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Adam West's profile photo
Adam West
a year ago
First off, I am not the one to bash businesses online, even when I have a bad experience. I feel that businesses have a huge burden to keep their customers happy and sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that you just cannot keep everyone happy. Even though I hate negative reviews, I am compelled by my good conscience to write this one. Village in the Park is an absolutely horrible place, with even worse management. And I am not saying this based solely on my personal experience. Every single friend that I made at VIP had to deal with this rude, unethical and downright unprofessional management. You won't see any of it when you go there to check the place out. At the time of leasing, these guys come across as the nicest people on the planet. Don't be fooled by it. Theft, infestation, water leakage, phone and Internet connection issues are just some of the problems you will encounter while you're there. But wait, it gets better! Just when you start to think that you're done with this hellhole when you move out, they'll send you a huge bill for stuff to fix that were broken in the first place. Bad carpet, dishwasher not working, marks on kitchen floor...the list goes on and on. I was stupid enough to just report these issues and not take pictures when I moved in. Also, bedbugs are a HUGE problem and be warned, management is never going to take ownership of this problem even though the entire building is infested. Instead, you'll be slapped with a huge bill that it was in fact you who brought these filthy bugs. I really hope this review helps somebody out there. Please, please stay out of this place. You deserve, we all deserve a better place to live.
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neo dorac's profile photo
neo dorac
5 months ago
I am a current resident, I read all the negative reviews prior to moving, and still chose this place because location is very convenient for my situation, but: Yes, there has been water leakage in my apartment, at the first rainstorm. Yes, the staff was nice and familiar, until I signed the lease, but broke some of their promises to waive move in fees (as an incentive to move in) right after my moving. I would not recommend this place to nobody that I care about, and mostly because of the attitude of the staff. Bad, very bad people...
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Donald Ziems's profile photo
Donald Ziems
a year ago
I lived in building 1310 for 12 months, and chose not to renew my lease. Overall, this apartment complex is not bad, but I would not use them again, nor would I recommend anyone live there. The building itself was nothing special. I had a 1st floor apartment, with concrete walls and ceiling. I never heard noise from my neighbors, but hallway noise passed through the door as if it wasn't there, and outside noise came in through the windows without any trouble. The 1st floor has a roach problem, that the office staff fully knows about. All 12 months that I lived at that complex, I witnessed at least one roach within my unit, or in the hallway. VitP did make a good-faith effort to come and exterminate every time I reported a roach, but it was extremely tiring to empty out my kitchen every other week so the exterminators could inspect/exterminate. By the time I left, the roach problem was greatly reduced (no doubt owing to 4 of the 5 other tenants in my hallway moving away during that time), but still not gone. Many will say the office staff is rude/inconsiderate. I find this to be a stretch, usually they're alright to work with, though none seem to be happy with their job. In my unit, there was a heater pipe in the bedroom that fed the upper floors, such that whenever someone above me wanted heat, the pipe would make noise. Eventually, you get used to it, but it was unpleasant at first, especially considering it was outside of my control. The building has security doors, but there is always foot traffic in and out, so people without keys regularly are able to enter. UPS seems to think it is generally fine to leave packages by the door of your apartment, here. Once, I had another tenant open such a box left by my door; thankfully said tenant did not want the contents, and simply replaced the box.
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shruti maurya's profile photo
shruti maurya
a year ago
it's a good apartment... but some problem with maintenance (usually delayed). otherwise office staff is nice and friendly. good location
latonya roland
2 years ago
Hi I have been living at village in the park since Sept. and I really wished I would have paid attention to the reviews before moving in, now I'm stuck until my lease is up. A couple people wrote about roaches and the staff But when I asked the staff about these issues I was told they have over 3000 residents and that the reviews were written by people who either didn't pay their rent on time or people who do not keep their apartments clean and I found out the hard way that, that is not true the first day I moved in I had to call to have someone come out because there were roaches in the kitchen and I hadn't even moved in yet they came, then a week later they had to come again, my place which is basically still empty has been exterminated 5 times, Then there is the problem with their book keeping a month before I moved in they sent me two letters telling me my move in cost, each had the move in date listed, the day we moved in they again told us the amount due we gladly paid it(2,900) and then a month later we get a letter saying they made a mistake and forgot to charge me for a day (38.50) and that I owe it to them, after speaking to my attorney he informed me that I am only responsible if it was a typo not a human mistake which they indicated in the letter it was. when I informed them of this they told me no i was going to pay it now If I don't they are refusing to accept my next months rent. What bothers me is one of your employee couldn't count and made the mistake instead of having them pay for it your come after a resident who has paid their rent on time every month and on top of that has had problems with roaches since day one. where is your loyalty to your residents it shows we are just a check to them. When I asked to speak to the head of the management company I was informed that that would never happen now they want to bully me into paying for their mistake is horrible. And on top of all of that we have a problem with our locks to the outer door in my building everyone's key get stuck to where some people have just left their key in the lock for anyone to get into the building making it unsafe, and last the in the laundry room 3 out of 6 driers work the first to only blow out cool air and the third one you have to keep adding money too, Over all I really wished I had paid attention to the reviews just because a lot of people haven't complained doesn't mean they don't feel the same some just would rather move and keep it going and others just like to keep it to them self and also there seems to be a lot of immigrants who really don't say much of anything that's not me Please listen to the reviews that's why they are there my next letter will be to the BBB because this is truly outrageous.
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