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Is that the campaign we played together? It wasn't as long as some of Tim's ones, was it?
But I've got super warm memories of it too...

Catching up on the last two days (quietly ignoring that I have nothing to say for today's right now...)

Describe a game experience that changed how you play.

I've read a bunch of lovely descriptions of really positive gaming experiences that people have had. That's real nice and all, but for me the experiences that have really changed my gaming have been the ones that sucked. Here's a recent one.

Now, I love GMing games where the players have a lot of authority to set the direction, push their angles on the story and challenge me by throwing in co-authored content. Sometimes I've allowed myself to believe, after a flaccid session that in my hey-man-the-players-are-my-collaborators philosophy there is no room for me as GM to push the pace and cut to the meat.

But I've been playing in this OSR-ish sandboxy fantasy game. It lacks pace. It gets bogged down in details. A couple of weeks ago we were going to head out to assault the Sunken Tower (sounds great!) but by the end of the session we hadn't even made it out of town. It sucked. As I drove home I reflected on what a titanic waste of time the 90 minute round trip to the game had been.

Next time I'm sitting back in my GM chair, nominally letting the players set the direction, but really wondering if they're going to do anything, I'll remember that drive home. And step up to GMing the damn game.

Which RPG do you prefer for open-ended campaign play?

Urgh. I don't have the best of associations with open-ended play. I'm instantly thinking of meandering, samey, disconnected adventures, with little sense of character or purpose...

BUT. What open-ended can offer the gamer is the chance to focus on character, freed from the straight-jacket of 'the plot' (whether that's a pre-planned plot or one that's authored at the table). That's powerful stuff. To that end I'd lean towards games that tell me stuff about the characters - important things about what they are. I'm thinking Fate, Burning Wheel, that kind of thing. Wordplay and Heroquest too.

The closest I've come is Houses of the Blooded - my longest ever campaign. It ran open-endedly until we were done with it. What made it so good was that the characters it produced were so wonderfully defective, and driven to smash themselves repeatedly against their defects. People were married, murdered, betrayed, cuckolded, horribly injured. They won victories, suffered defeats, the whole shebang. Brilliant.

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Interesting for those who care about the psychology of warfare...

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Stealth... Looking forward to this game too.

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Some pre-Russian operations in the East showed a bit of a bigger support for some greater autonomy from Kiev (around 30%, iirc) but this kind of study just show the truth: Russian propaganda is just that - propaganda, aka lies.

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The way I read it, the easier way to get people to change opinion is to kill the non-scientific segment of our opinion leaders. Hmmm... What could go wrong? :)

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Easy to read international trade graph...
Originally shared by ****
World map by largest export value. Very cool. Really highlight regional trends.

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My thoughts exactly. Another way to look at it is that top 1% seems small until you realise that this one person in a hundred and that we are millions and millions.

There just aren't that many "rich" people. It's all about the 0.01% or maybe even the 0.001% (that would be the top 500 out of a nation of 50 millions, like the UK or France. If I got my exponents right. So, for the US, a nation of 300 millions, it's even an even smaller %).

Basically, it's all about the top 500 people, no matter how many of us there is... 

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Kickstarter 'Enemy of Man'. Go check it out, it looks like it'd be a great movie!

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The kind of blogpost I'd like to write myself, eventually. Self-evidently correct and yet original and hard-hitting (well, hard hitting for geeks).

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I don't have anything particularly insightful to add to the various articles that have discussed the giant tech wage fixing scandal. For myself, I liked that piece by Pando and that one by Mother Jones . But the reason I am writing is to notice the fact tha...
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