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My C.H.I.P. has arrived! 
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Ok, it's been unboxed, and I used it to play Pong :)

It's pretty nice - the PocketCHIP enclosure has a touchscreen display and a full keyboard. I can take the CHIP out and use it without the enclosure, though I would need to reflash it with a different version of the OS. I think instead I might just order a second CHIP to be a stand alone and leave the one I have now as a dedicated brain for the PocketCHIP. At $9 each, why not? I did get the HDMI adapter shield for when I want to use it outside of the enclosure. 
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I co-taught a class on bead lampworking yesterday for the Shire of Wyrmgeist. These are the beads I made to demonstrate some techniques - wiggle dots, dot stripes, and tiger stripes (using a two-color twistie that I made just before). My hands were a bit unsteady, so my dot placement was crappy.

I need to get some opaque purple so I can make LSU tiger beads. People around here go batshit for that stuff. 
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I really hate having to write bad book reviews, but OMG you guise. This book... was riddled with typos and had diagrams badly drawn using MS Paint, or something. It was hard to follow - whoever prepared it for Amazon does not know how to format e-books. Aaand to wrap it all up, the photos were either not quite in focus, or were in need of correction. They charged me a King's Ransom for it, too.
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I work with people who seem to think that MarkDown offers too many formatting features. So, I probably feel your pain, to some degree.

Oh... And the entirety of last week was spent rewriting editing a bunch of whitepapers written by other engineers on my team (in addition to writing four of my own papers).
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Hmmm. 5 things? I'm not sure I know you well enough to think of 5 things. 😕 I'd likely get a bunch of 1700-1800 period crafting things like blacksmithing, candle making, etc. Perhaps some beignets, because who doesn't love a good beignet.
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All I want is for the posts in my feed to show up in reverse chronological order. You think that by shuffling everything it keeps me from missing posts. I'd actually miss fewer posts if they stayed in the same order. 
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Geez. Don't be FaceBook, Google.
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Spoilers: They use their fuzzy little butts to differentiate between flowers.
Why bees are fuzzy

The fuzz on bees helps them collect pollen.  But it may also help them detect electric fields!

The surprising part - to me - is that flowers have electric fields.   And different kinds of flowers have noticeably different fields.

Gregory Sutton, a  biomechanical engineer who is studying this, says that flower petals tend to accumulate electric charge.  So, they produce an electric field just like when you rub a balloon on a woolly sweater - but smaller:

“It’s a very small electrical field, which is why we're quite astounded that bees can actually detect it,” Sutton says. “And there is different charge distribution at different locations on the petals of different species of flowers. So two flowers of the same species will have a similar electric field, whereas two flowers of a different species will have different electric fields.”

Together with biophysics researcher Erica Morley and some other scientists, Sutton did experiments to test the theory that bees use electric fields to help find food.  

They built 10 flowers with the same shape, size and smell. They put sugar water on some of the flowers and then added small static electric fields to those flowers. On the rest of the flowers, they put bitter water and no electric field. They let the bees loose among the flowers and kept moving the flowers around so the bees couldn’t learn the location of the sugar water.
“As they forage, they start to go to the flowers with the sugar water 80 percent of the time,” Sutton says. “So you know they've figured out the difference between the two sets of flowers. The last step is you just turn off the voltage and then check to see if they can continue telling the difference. And when we turned off the voltage, they were unable to tell the difference. And that's how we knew it was the voltage itself that they were using to tell the difference between the flowers.”

It's good that they did this last step, because otherwise I'd be unconvinced.  They also studied the mechanism that bees use to detect electric fields.  Basically, bee hairs get pulled by an electric field, and the bee can feel it:

“What we found in bees is that they're using a mechanic receptor,” Morley says. “It's not a direct coupling of this electrical signal to the sensory system. They’re using mechanical movement of hair in a very non-conductive medium. Air doesn't conduct electricity very well — it's very resistive. So these hairs have moved in response to the field, which then causes the nerve impulses from the cells at the bottom of the hair.”

I love results like this, which show the world is bigger and more interesting than I thought.   But I'm a bit suspicious too, so I hope more scientists try to replicate these experiments or poke holes in them.

The paper is open-access, so if you have questions you can read it yourself!

• Gregory P. Sutton, Dominic Clarke, Erica L. Morley and Daniel Robert, Mechanosensory hairs in bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) detect weak electric fields, Proceedings of the Academy of the National Academy of Sciences

I got my quotes from here:

#spnetnwork #bees #mechanosensory  
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I'm guessing that they learn that certain fields = yummy flowers and certain other fields = not yummy flowers. 
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UPDATE: I would like to invite anyone who has experienced the sort of thing described in the article (or anyone who has witnessed it) to share their story here. If you are uncomfortable with sharing on a public post, there will be a Limited Edition shortly that you may participate on. If you can't see it, let me know and I'll tag you in.

Our culture vilifies women who do not want children.
I am a 35-year-old woman who has happily made a childfree nest for the past seven years and I don’t need to feel guilty for opting out of motherhood.
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I never once said your or anyone's experiences are less valid. I was talking about the bigger picture including portrayal in TV shows, media, and society as a whole. I'm sorry you can't see that and are taking it as a personal attack when it was not. Anecdata are still not representative of the whole. While you may personally have felt similar pressure to what women are subject to, it would not be the common experience represented in a poll of 100 men vs a poll of 100 women.

Getting back to biology - a man cannot have a child (naturally, not by adoption) by himself. Women can (sperm donors, artificial insemination), so it does biologically put more pressure on women than men because of the way procreation works. That, for me, is what makes the experience far different for women than for men.
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See this Instagram video by @pumpkintheraccoon • 28.9k likes
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A "must read" for sure.
WIMMINZ! - How to tell when it's okay for you to be offended online.
Women everywhere are rushing to familiarise themselves with the new internet guidelines, which aim to clarify when they and are not allowed to get upset. “Women seem to get upset over the slightest thing,” explained online man Kevin Cain, who helped draft the new guidelines in association with a ...
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I brought in a document to be scanned and emailed to me, and then sent via FedEx. Jay was both helpful and friendly on both accounts.
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Needed real estate closing documents notarized to be mailed off to a title company in another state. Sandra was both friendly and helpful, and we were able to get this done without an appointment!
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I went in l looking for a short presser foot shank sip I could use a specialty foot on my Singer Touch & Sew machine. Not only did they have the part, but they refused to charge me for it. If I need specialty parts in the future I will be back. They also had several antique machines for sale, including two of what look to be Singer Featherweight machines - one electric, one hand-crank.
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Fast counter service, clean, and the boneless chicken stuffed with broccoli casserole was delicious. I can't wait to try the other stuffings!
Public - 2 years ago
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