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James Ogunjimi
Author, A Wall Is Just A Wall (Bahati Books, UK 2017)
Author, A Wall Is Just A Wall (Bahati Books, UK 2017)

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Hi! I'm James from Nigeria. Been looking to get my freelance writing career off the ground. Any ideas?

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"I am convinced, dear foolish Nigerian, that you deserve every suffering and inhumanity that this nation has visited on you from 1960 till date. I am convinced that you deserve every leader you’ve ever gotten. I am convinced that you deserve leaders who’ll screw you over for eight years, leave you bleeding and hand you over to their protege to continue the process of violation. I am convinced that no one in their right senses should ever try to rescue you because you do not deserve rescue.

When all the noise...dies down, Tuface will return to making music. The professor who convinced you that Tuface having six children from six mothers is a crime will collect his salary. Blackface will return to his life of hate and darkness.The APC e-rats that were unleashed into the social media space to convince you that the protest is an APC versus PDP thing will go back to their bosses to collect their share of the 180 million budgeted for social media propaganda and you, foolish Nigerian will still be where you are, prowling, jumping from Linda Ikeji Blog to Nairaland to Sahara Reporters comment section looking for who to project your hate on.

Dear foolish Nigerian, I wish I could wish you all the best but I cannot wish you something you don’t wish yourself. I hope that one day, your eyes will open to see how much you have and will still suffer for categorising everything as PDP versus APC, North versus South. I hope that someday you realise how foolish you’ve been and I hope that your children do better than you." - James Ogunjimi

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"To indeed fight corruption, it has to be thorough and blind. When there’s a war, the bomb doesn’t recognize friend, family or foe. It destroys everything on its path. A genuine war against corruption will not spare anyone. It will not spare friends or family. It will not spare political acquaintances no matter what roles they played in the emergence of the leader." - James Ogunjimi

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"2019 is coming and the truth is going to suffer a worse fate than it has ever suffered in Nigeria. Already, hatchet writers masquerading as public commentators and political analysts have been put to work and released into the nooks and crannies of the Nigerian social media space. They have started asking: “Is Atiku really corrupt?” “What exactly is Atiku’s crime?” “Is there any verdict from court indicting Atiku in any corruption case?”

That is how it always starts. When truth is about to be murdered, those are the questions that precedes the eventual slaughter. When 2019 comes, Atiku would be so clean and spotless that he would almost become Saint Abubakar and the mercenaries hired to murder the truth would be a few thousands richer." - James Ogunjimi

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The national Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed Trump. I did not think I could become any more disappointed with American police, but they have found another way.

It is clear that they see Trump as deeply representative of their priorities and likely to stand behind them no matter what. Unfortunately, this makes clear what their priorities are. Police unions have decided that their first and foremost principle is to protect individual officers from any form of accountability, up to and including for rape and murder; they apparently have also decided to include white supremacy in their formal charter.

If you combine this with other police union statements in the past few days - like the Miami union's saying that they will not provide police protection to the Dolphins football team until and unless the team forces its members to stand during the anthem - it has become painfully clear that police unions across the country have converged on a belief that any opposition to them, any suggestion that their power should be less than unlimited, is "anti-cop."

I have always been suspicious of the notion of public sector unions, but police unions have gone so far beyond any prospective worst case of how such a union could behave that their very existence has become unconscionable. The armed forces of a state must always be subordinate to civilian oversight - and a police union which can demand exemption from this, and threaten violence or public disorder (as Miami's just did, and as many others have) if it is not granted, is an enemy of democracy itself. 

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"Now, if I am Obama, and I had respect for you before, the moment I see that your handlers and you are making a big deal of me, a human being, sitting beside you, another self-respecting(or supposed to be self-respecting) human being, a large chunk of the respect I have for you will dissipate. I’ll begin to look down on you and think myself a better human being than you are. Little wonder, he came to Africa when President Buhari was still visiting him in US and talked down to the other African leaders like a father to his children, like an instructor to his students, delivering veiled instructions." - James Ogunjimi

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"Now, these people calling for secession reel out claims of their tribe being sidelined in politics and economic development. The Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba tribes have all had their moments in the sun when it comes to power sharing. Obasanjo is a Yoruba man, he was once a Nigerian President. Yar’adua was from the North, he had his time. Jonathan was there, he had his time. The Governors in each state are from the tribes living in that state. Every tribe has senators and House of representative members representing them and defending their interests at the national level.

If somehow, any tribe still feel sidelined or acts sidelined, such tribe should ask the Governors of their states, their senators and House of rep members what is going on. A Yoruba man is not the Governor of Abia state. A Hausa man is not representing the people of Enugu in the senate. An Igbo man is not representing the Yoruba people in the House of Representatives. Why then should any tribe claim it is being sidelined?" - James Ogunjimi​

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"Whether you are writing about roses, the blue sky, flowing rivers, the Biafran war, World War 2, the politics of the middle east, the pygmies, the Black heritage movement, Africa, communism, capitalism, politics, etc, if your writings do not correctly portray what/who you are writing about, it does not matter how many languages you use in writing that piece, it does not matter how many times your subject and verb agree in that piece, it does not matter how many times ‘go’ rhymes with ‘blow’, and ‘seat’ rhymes with ‘beat’, if your writing does not correctly reflect what you are writing about, you have defeated the purpose of making that writing in the first place, or what should be the purpose of making that writing." - James Ogunjimi​; Writing: Blending Creativity with Content

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"Chibuzor sat down, watching angrily as the defence lawyer and the prosecutor slugged it out; each trying to out-speak the other to convince the judge that their client deserved to win. The judge looked bored; he yawned for perhaps the seventieth time since court proceedings started thirty minutes ago.

He was bored too; his eyelids were getting too heavy; he wished the judge would interrupt them and pass his judgement. The only judgement he wanted to hear was that Prophet Alade was guilty and should be shot. Anything else would elicit a reaction from him that would shock every observer sitted there.

As his mind wandered back to court, he heard the defence lawyer say, "My Lord, I ask that this case be struck out for lack of evidence and my client be discharged and acquitted." He stood up angrily and threw his Samsung Galaxy S4 at the defence lawyer. The man held his head where the phone had hit him. As he was still trying to talk, Chibuzor was on the table making his way to him with the intention of beating the daylight out of him. He was shouting as he made his way to him, "Discharge and acquit what? May heaven discharge your prayers without answering them."

The sudden outburst had caught everyone by surprise, but now, the policemen rushed towards him and dragged him down from the table, slapping him as they dragged him before the judge.

The judge glared at him; he pushed down his glasses - the frame made Awolowo's glasses look trendy, and fixed his gaze on Chibuzor. Chibuzor held his gaze for about fifteen seconds before deciding that there was nothing good to gain from annoying a judge." - James Ogunjimi​, Deuteronomy 19:21
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