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Beverly Tilton
Avid knitter, crocheter and spinner. Please send YARN!
Avid knitter, crocheter and spinner. Please send YARN!

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TOAD was new to me. 

Feeling pretty stupid right now, since I got ripped off by +Teespring.  The t-shirt I ordered and was told would be delivered by Dec. 24th, still hasn't arrived and when I go to their website, it won't let me report it to anyone.  Beware!   #TeespringRipOff  

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Special Olympics Project:  

I work for an not-for-profit organization that provides housing, day programs and case management services for those with Mental Heath issues, Mental Retardation issues and Aquired Brain Injuries.  As such we strive to provide resource for many of our clients to participate in Special Olympics events.

Our coordinator for our team expressed disappointment that no one had offered to donate any team oriented apparel for our athletes this time. So I offered to crochet scarves for them. I asked if the color mattered to them and she said that she would like them to be gender neutral, easy to wear (many of them have physical challenges too) and exactly the same. 

How many do you need and what is my deadline?  There are 24 athletes and we need them all by February 6th.  YIKES!

I know that there are a few crocheters at the office.  But we are all very underpaid so spending money, even on a worthy cause, can be a hardship for some.  So, I found a free pattern on Ravelry that even a beginner could follow (I asked permission from the designer to use it for this purpose).  I chose red, white, and blue as the colors.  I calculated the amount of yarn needed and purchased it all, then went about recruiting crocheters and handing them a bag with 3 skeins of yarn.  Each batch will produce 4 scarves.  

In this first week, we have 10 scarves.  14 more to go.  I am so proud of my recruits!  There is a snowstorm this weekend, so I am hoping that it will work in our favor, providing optimum crocheting time!

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