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"The Things They Carried" -- Hna Gisseman's final e-mail from the field...a personal essay
(Note:  Alyssa read a book titled "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien during her senior year of high school.  She used the book as the basis for her high school graduation speech, and she has used it here as the basis for her final e-mail from the miss...

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Week 78 - Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Thing Ever To Do
I feel bad that I didn't wish you a happy birthday last week, Mom!  What did you do for your birthday?  I can't believe I will see you this week.  It doesn't feel real.....I just kind of want to cry all the time because I want to be here but I want to be th...

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Week 77 --
1. Were you able to see Marcia and her family?  Yes, I
did:) It was so sweet. Marcia grilled for us -- I've only ever seen her do that
once before for a family event. And we just talked for a while and it just felt
like I was home again, like I had never le...

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Week 76 -- 13 Investigators at Church!!!!
Happy birthday, Oma! I think that reading the Book of Mormon like that -- focusing on one topic -- is a really good idea. It's something that President and Hna Dester have said more than
once to us, and Elder Ochoa... to go through the Book of Mormon lookin...

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Week 75 -- That Time the Dog Chased Me and I Jumped Into a Stranger's Pila....
1.  What did you do for
P-Day this week?  We did do something fun! We went to the beach and played
soccer barefoot. and there were some other missionaries there from our zone, too, and they were playing volleyball and we totally beat them, haha. It was so f...

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Week 74 - In the Home Stretch, but the Hardest Part is Always Just Before the Finish Line
1.  You said you played
card games on P-Day last week. What kind of card games?  9ers was one of them and I think that you should buy it because it was waaaaay fun and I really liked
it. And phase 10 and Uno.  Pretty normal.  2.  Did D's son get
baptized th...

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Week 73 -- So busy!!!!
How was this week?  Did anything unusual or exciting happen?  Did you
or Hna S have changes?  Well... they closed our area. But we stayed here.
They took out a set of elders so we aren't Centro 3 anymore, we are Centro 2 and
now we have about double the...

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Week 72 -- Who Needs a Lawnmower? We Have Machetes!
How have you been feeling this week?  No more upset stomach/throwing up?  Nope, I have been fine. 2. 
How is Hna S doing?  Have last week’s improvements continued?  Yeah!  Her Spanish is still a work in progress but she does speak and understand
more ev...

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Week 71 -- Feeling God's Love for People
Tell the Spanish elers that I will be HAPPY to go out with
them!!! I am so excited to keep my Spanish up after the mission. 1.  How are Melissa,
Amy, and Hna B doing?  Is Melissa going back to BYU this summer or
is she waiting until fall?  Wellm Melissa is ...

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Week 70 -- It's the Little Things -- Like Making Cookies
1. How is Hna S doing?   She understands everything that
I say...but I hope  this week we can really focus on speaking!!! We have been working hard on teaching lesson 1. 2.  Have
you received any more packages or letters?  I got a letter from the Swansons
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