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NEW episode of iCarly with a cute Englishman tomorrow night at 8!!! It's called "iQ!" Check it out! :)
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I can't wait to see this latest episode and see how "Seddie" is going to play out. Will Sam go back to being mean towards Freddie? Very interesting stuff. Dan Schneider is Schneideriffic!
Bobby C
Im sure its set to record on the DVR
Cant wait to see this episode!! :) The entire cast of iCarly is sooo cool & Awesome!! :)
No hope is needed when Schneider is at the helm!
"And you miss spelled Russia" "Well my arm doesn't have a spell check!" hahah funny
ya i guess i do to but its defenitly is getting better
awesome cant wait :)
miranda u know better than cheating in school!! lol
Are Sam and Freddie dating in this episode. Thats all I care about
es una de las series que mas disfrutan mis hijos en one of the series to enjoy my children more in Uruguay
so Xcited 2 see da new icarly :P i luv dat show!
i'm from colombia and i like so much your show you're the best miranda :D
im confused did sam and freddy break up ?????????? please answer
Hey Miranda!! I love your show iCarly and the other Movies/Shows you have been on. And thanks for Google+ me! You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i am a big fan of icarly and i am big fan of carly
ha halarious i'll tune in tonight. yeahuhhhh
i'm gonna make sure i will watch it lol!
OMG I LOVE ICARLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahahahaha that's soooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!
haha "How can you not know hwat it means" "I do know it means i don't know"
What time is the show on by the way im a big fan
your right as rain if the sock fits the shoe the skies all turn blue and i learn kung fu
hey i dont have any friends so i am kinda lonely pleze coment or friend me
can't wait !!!!!!! AMAZING
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee icarly i watched the whole episodes from season 1 to season 5 episode 4 oh and by the way i think Jennette McCurdy as (Sam) is hottttttttttt :D love icarly :D
Me too i have been waching you on iCarly and i have been reading about in magazeens
Hello!! Me llamo Carolina Ferreira y Amo tu trabajo I Love You Miranda!!
iQ? Qi? definitely Steven Fry...
amo a miranda..... y a i carly!!
hey is she ok? i heard about her bus crash in my state!!!
are you intersted with me fucking
I watch your alot and is pretty cool ! <3 ( :
it is vary cool I gest was wanting to ask you if you were in Derac and Josh
^Its DRAKE and Josh,and yah she was.She was the evil little sister named Megan.
IT'S weird to see how grown up she is now from when she started icarly!! ( love that show it is so random)
hola soy de panama me gusta tu programa de I carly felicidades besos
isaw it! lol. but it was a great episode.
gak tau,.... gelap,... jelek apa cantik orang ni
awwww i didnt see it but recorded it lol love i carly sooooooooooo much
Whos was that guy????? I saw it though!!!! IT ROCKED :D
i loved that episode! you are awsome as carly. i love i carly!
eu sempre via o I carly quando chegava da escola, mais não tá passando mais o seriado aqui no Brasil
eu sei eu tamem assistia mas eu nao entendi nada bbb
hi miranda. how are you? i am a big fan of you.
my sisters name is miranda too
english language is more fun than spanish... :D ... good job!!
I like iCaly, but is the new season going to be good as the other seasons? :/
is this going to be a good season cause.............
hey miranda, i really love icarly, even my little brother does. we both are from germany, and every sunday we just hanging on the couch watchin icarly! just want you to know, also germany loves you guys...
I really like how over exaggerated men from my country are, I never realised my voice sounded so sexy. lol
y can't i look as pretty as u in my youtube videos! my youtube account is theglamourgirl44
lluuurrvvveddd it Miranda! my friend was on the Nickelodeon ship when u wer filming iCruise
miranda now i can not watch icarly stella brasil
wow u look awesome! btw i cant get icarly episodes in my contry :(
I loved that episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kalem banget kamu non....saya suka gaya kamu????
in phil....but now here in france....and next our next port belfast ,uk,,,,see you
hey CARLY lol. i love ur show. my cousin (whos a boy) watches it with me even! thats how much ur loved!!! look how many people posted
I saw that one! That was really good
jamie g
i luv the show icarly
If you spelled russia wrong, how did you spell it?????
that was hilarious
"What did he say"
jeg vet ikke
I love icarly! So glad they're making more!!
i love i carly you rock from tara
i do toooooo ur so cool i wish i was u how do u act i just dont under stand i wish i could meet u im u biggest fan u have no i dia i love u i wish i could meet u sooo bad kc bleggi
cool i love icary please sent me a post it would be the best day ever from tara your biggest fan ever :) you have are the best ever icarly rocks you are the coolest person on the plant i would die to meet you keep rocking agin you r asmome love tara P.S icarly is my favourt show and i like you better than a money in a bread.
where can i go to be as great of an actor like you with a comedic side?!!!(wannabeactress)
wow xD so cool
i love carly,sam,fredie e spenser guibi sr benson
how long did the marker stay on your arm and what did it really say
Alan Z'
wanna be my girlfriend?♥
i love this episode of icarly
eu ja vi todos os episódios na tv :)
great "episodes" man some people r weird and say o we love u ur my fav . but not me ;]
Miranda, when present the episodie # 100 in Colombia???
coll se mi uña miranda da asco ante el mundo deverian de sacarla 
o el nobre de la serie esta bn ya q dice ¨¨ icarly¨¨ se refiere a lo fea q es 
i dont know if i want to be in actor anymore
LOL I died at the part : I do know what it means, it means i don't know! Luv itt :)
i love your shows mostly on drake and josh
looks soooooooooo funny.. THE GUY- cheat notes and you missed spelt RUSSIA 
iiiiiiiiii miiiissss iiccaaarrlyyy!!!!!!!!!!! please come back icarly
hey miranda i want to make a webshow but my parents will not let me. What should i do
Me encanta ese chico me volveria loca a mi tambien
my friends birthday is the day after your
i have seen that one i am sad that they cancel icarly
Hi Miranda i really miss you on icarly you were the best but you grew up soo bye
I Really Love iCarly & Miss you very much Love iCarly Forever.
will you give me your adress i really want to be on your show one day thank you
Hi Miranda I am a big fan of I Carly 
i watch it every night i dint miss a single episode
Hi Miranda I love your show ICar, y and your perfomance in Despicable Me , it will be nice if you messaged me back because I love ICarly it says on my tagline 
hi miranda im a big fan of icarly pppppllllease text me!
coucou miranda c'est melanie j'aime beaucoup icarly et cette video
Im like, the biggest fan of icarly. I love all the episodes, and im not just a fan of jennette, im a fan of the show. Plz, plz, plz follow me(Sos if I sound desprate!) Luv u miranda, jennette, freddie, and all the cast and crew of icarly!!!!!!!!!
Ciao Miranda, sono la tua fun n. 1!! Mi piace tantissimo Icarly!! kisses, kisses... Asia
je t'adore janette mc curdy  repond moi
U are my favorite actor!!! Say hello to Nathan and jennete for me please
How come u guys don't do icarly 
Eres genial miranda soy tu fan numero 1 te adoro te ves genial en i carly amo la seria 
I si Icarly and this is really good movie 
iCarly was one of the best Nick shows bc
1. the rest of the new stuff is basically trash bc the entertaining comedy isnt there
2. iCarly was colorful, funny, random, entertaining, etc
2. it's basically modern day "I Love Lucy"
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