changed her profile photo.

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vc esta igual a selena...
voce tá linda...
Soe in Brazil, quero conhecer vc!

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a king with his sword conquered your nation with your smile you won my heart
Beautifull.... Hmm... I like that.
Você quis dizer: Vc e linda e maravilhosa,se eu pudesse te conhecer melhor por telefone, gosto de falar diretamente, sou direto. Vc faz o meu tipo!

Vc and beautiful and wonderful, if I could know you better by telephone, I like to speak directly'm through. You make my type!

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too much makeup....ur natrualy pretty
yuor so sexy and cute miranda
isnt that too much blushers? lol
You look like to Flora Martinez from Colombia Country (;

i think you look like a clown with that makeup... sorry, but i gotta say i don't like this one
I don't like it, may the next time u'd look even better :p
you look like a crack whorre!!!!!
if I don't say it, the ppl wouldn't open their eyes xD glad to show it up
¿me hablas a mí? pero si tienes la foto de una caricatura :p
don't be afraid, its just me trying to talk in alien's language
me gusta cuando las chicas te saludan con un beso en la mejilla y te dejan todo empolvado XD
Flawless Miranda. You are my girl crush
jajaja tanto jaleo por que cambio su foto :S
Your a beautiful girl inside and out.... i just don't think this is your best photo.... i'm sorry :(
you're beautiful, is beautiful as a goddess!
wow! lots of makeup!!! pretty but i think i like ur other 1 better
eh i don't really like it i liked the other one waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
little too much blush..... But like the necklaces and top.
The background really brings out your lips and cheeks..
Liz D
haha you look like a porcaline doll:P
Waooo...! muy bella como siempre, saludo desde Venezuela.
I wish to have your age to ask if want to be my girlfriend.
omg.... soooo manyyyyyyyyy coments......... awksamundooo..........
muy linda besos desde Mexico
Me and my wife and twin boys love your show icarly.

my nephew loves your show !!!! lol ...i remeber when you where still on that show called ALLTHAT!
+Miranda Cosgrove, you're gorgeous all the time, and you're really photogenic, but I really think that's WAY too much makeup. Lay off on it! Your face is caked in it...
HEY..... you people have to start bein nice not JERKS!!!!!!!!! Got it BRAH???
The most beautiful girl in the world :)
La chica mas hermosa y talentosa de la tv.
Miranda....!!! you are looking gorgeous....
simplesmente perfeita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Najib H
"Bella en la foto",grandioso tu trabajo soy tu fan number one in South America. Bye pretty woman...
You're very beautifull, but your face it's so fire Miranda. Congratulations by iCarly success.Kisses
que linda chica, mi hija Lizbeth te admira mucho es tu fan n°1 y yo soy el N° 2 bendiciones
Lida F
nice face
there's not big difference between what the ppl write on english than spanish or another language like português, so w/e; in few words, "she looks nice; just don't make her to make up herself"
the big difference is .. WE CANT READ IT duuhh??
ur pretty and all but too much makeup!! and the bangs... :(
srry but it just doesnt look right on u. i can imagine sooo many other hairstyles on you and this isnt one of the best
toooooooooo much make up miranda sorry i just had to say that :-(
hello friends, how are you.
really who were you talking to when you said really dude really
Liv B
i think that pic is weird.....
pretty.....little too much makeup though :P
srry to say this but, ugly
Don't listen to the naysayer above me, hon. Probably jealous because he can't pull off the blush/lipstick combo as well as some people.

You are ALWAYS beautiful. =) And I like the pic.
I wish I was a famous singer, and as pretty as you! Keep on rocking
OMG.... you are soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous! =)
I hope your leg is much better!
what happened to her leg!?
hai mirada how r you, u r looking very fine Iam a album director, ur looking very good actress
no offense but u look like one of those russian stacjing dollsgone wrong
Sparks fly it's like electricity !!!
I do not speak English, but wanted to talk to talk to you.
Even ugly and beautiful you!
By : egler xD
U sure do have alot of blush on...
i like your bangs too it`s not the best but it good
I don't know it's good but i liked how it was before
i think the make up is a little much
but i like the outfit
plz readuce ur makeup and be traditional............
Very sultry (but then, you did turn 18 in May.)
So, how many body-guards would you guess you needed
walking down some random street looking like that: 5? :)
But seriously, it's a beautiful picture capturing an adult
and passionate Ms. Cosgrove.
nice u look pretty
Broadcasting in Korea so fun to see the kids college itdapnida first film from the movie School of ohbeurak grunge even when I was a kid I saw was so cute. I'm a pretty god seems ^ ^
little t2 mch blush and lipstick =*_*=
wait............princess russo, r u selena gomez?
eu achoque ela ñ ficou tão bonita com essa franja
u are really pretty... don't get me wrong, but thats just a TAD to much makeup
Hi Miranda!! I have the new GL that you were in!!
even tho its still alittle 2 much.........
ur still cute
Hi Miranda, I admire you very much, know this, I love your talent, I loved her work on iCarly, and I continue to admire you for a long time!!!!
miranda i LUUUUV ur song 'kissin u" its sooo amazing i listen 2 it every morn(:(:(:
like are your fan #1 in te world me is of mexico no talk much english love love love you
i watch icarly everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.... lay off on the makeup and stay beautiful!!!! I adore you.... don't get led to a wrong place.... luv ya
Riley G
be yourself miranda. love u in icarly though. change ur profile pic plz u look, well, nt u. :-D
this is your real pic? very beautiful
La foto esta muy bien!
Un poco cargada la imagen para mi gusto (supongo que es el maquillaje)…
is a beautiful woman do you think that
Que linda mujer te sigo desde hace tiempo mi persona y mis pequeñas nenas, te felicito por ser una gran actriz y cantante
too much makeup... I like better the one where you're cooking :)
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estas ermosa como siem`re soy tu fan nº1
hi miranda i seriosly miss drake and josh soo much.........
hi miranda :) your always beautiful .. <3
Miranda,your beautiful<3x
Well, u're amazin but aint not think this picture beautiful, where are u? think go from Brazil?
hi!miranda cosgrove quero saber quando vai ter um novo episodio de icarly
hi miranda I'm julian david solano rendon Facebook and want to talk with you on msn give me your email to give you the invitation
hi miranda i am like your biggest fan
u look ugly in that pic hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Miranda eres la mejor, eres sencilla, dulce, amable y no como otras que se creen demasiado...NO CAMBIES.
hmmm suckly lipss too goood i like it.....
i wanna kiss her so bad
she is not the real miranda cosgrove
that is a very lovely picture miranda. (:
that is lovely miranda
aww cute (kisses screen)
que linda eres, que dios te bendiga.
you'r Bad girl...!
before ...
no thing.
answer me,to my idea
Angelina Jolie's lips detected..
Me gustas eres muy hermosa! y no por ser artista si no por que lo eres. BESOS
miranda you and I have too much talent to sing and would like a chance
Thank you I hope you read this
I am a big fan
ur cheaks are too red
hello miranda I'm quite a fan I wanted you conheser you. I watch icarly all day
you are soo beatiful i see you program icarly every day
u need 2 stop wearing 2 much makeup! ur pretty enough without it! XD IM SOOOOOO JEALOUSE! big fan! :)
i like thoset beautiful lips =)
add me to your circle I'll be very grateful to God
hi my sister i your fan maybe send a an autographed photo
very very nice pic love u
you are very pretty one question would give a concert in Malaga, Spain??? Please
Miranda cosgrove i love your show icarly are you still recovering from your accident're really Beautiful... XOXO from Venezuela.... >.<
Hi I watch ur show all the time I am ur idol in singing I have a beautiful voice only if you could hear it......
Jenntte? Gr8, mi best friend is love you!!!
and i love miranda.. you are the best..
500!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo bet you you like chiockens miranda
yeah you look pretty in this picture! <3
last comment yay????? so gorgeous
wink please lol jk mini burgers with ranch and baconnn no onion!!
i love you miranda so much im a big fan
hi miranda i am your number 1 fan
Actually.. I'm the last comment [; Nice picture Miranda!
Hi Miranda  good avtar and splinded style
Miranda, will you go back to Drake and Josh now?
wht u mean by i think not
Kedves leányka hová tüntél ? ?  Nem vagy aktív a G+on
you are so beautiful, the most strikingly beautiful women ever to grace nickelodeon or teen tv itself, plus you were the best actress on i Carly or drake and josh, great comedic timing  and overall acting, hope to see you in some indie movies, stay away from the mindless blockbusters, lol just kidding, you are mine and my fiances favorite actress good luck in the future Miranda, you have more class than miley, and Selena, although Selena isd not that bad, omg you are so beautiful, ok, that's all, don't want to scare you away, lol, take care and stay great
Don't listen 2 them Miranda, I like it! & hey I am bored & I am in need of a conversation...would u talk 2 me? :/
you are Miranda cosgrove! I love your song stay my baby....
i love u miranda cosgrove! im a big fan!!! love iCarly!
Hi Miranda My name is Rorshon can you help me be on TV this is a real person please
Qui erro saber da ironia da cortinei a loira gosto de vc mirro saímos dois no mundo não más uno senpre serei um nicloden com você amor at loco ateloko to ficando lok vc no po ' FASE ISSO COMIGO VAI PARTIR MEU CORAÇÃO AMOR AMORE MIO MIINHA CHERMONCER
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